People may wonder why I’m sharing this information on my Facebook platform when there is already a lot of information gathered on social media about James Ndambo.

Well, like any other ordinary Zambian, I’m also keen on following the happenings around.

To begin with I appreciate the good gesture that Mr Ndambo has shown towards his hometown and the surrounding cities in an effort to improve the lives of the less privileged and empower the communities at large.

I first heard about James Ndambo in 2010 at my home village in Mandala in Chief Mapanza’s Area of Choma District. It was at a time when I went to mourn my uncle Mr Mankondole of Han’gombe village.

Mandala village (my village) is about 1.5 KM from a village popularly called Kamunzi where this great son of the soil James Ndambo comes from. James Ndambo was born in the mid-nineteen fifties (1955) from a humble, highly spiritual and upstanding family.

His father was a shoemaker and a very spiritual man, most of the media houses have not captured the story of Mr Ndambo’s father. Here is a beep about him, his father was George Henwood Mkandawire born in Mzimba Nyasaland, modern Malawi.

Mr Mkandawire is popularly known as a father of million believers in the New Apostolic Church. Many denominations in Zambia were brought by the white missionaries, exceptionally the New apostolic Church was brought by James’ father.

Just like his father, James Ndambo is a staunch New Apostolic church member since birth. The Gesture Mr Ndambo has shown to the New Apostolic Church is a sign and belief, that his ready to live and die for. It is a symbol of faith that runs in his bloodstream and not just faith professed by mouth.

Let me not forget to talk about how Mr George Henwood found himself in Kamunzi the birthplace of Mr James Ndambo. When the missionary teacher who taught George Henwood Mkandawire went back to South Africa George decided to follow him in South Africa.

It was in South Africa where George Henwood Mkandawire became converted to the New Apostolic Church beliefs. After some years George returned to Northern Rhodesia present-day Zambia, where he established the first New Apostolic church in Livingstone.

After all these achievements, he moved further and settled in Kaumbwe village and established another church in kamunzi the birthplace of Ndambo’s family.

I have written all this background for people to see that Mr James Ndambo comes from an extraordinary family deep-rooted in Christian values and his giving is anchored on Christian values.

When I behold how great Mr James Ndambo has become, it gives me hope that it is possible for one to become like him.

This is because the environment that shaped his formative years is the same environment that raised all of us in the area.

It is a great lesson to all of us that, where you begin doesn’t dictate where you shall end up. Mr James Ndambo has traversed the world and has remembered his hometown.

Some of the greatest and notable contributions include building the church in Kamunzi and refurbishing it into a modern standard.

Besides, he has built another modern church in Hachiinda village which he was commissioning last week.

Apparently, he has also pledged to light up Maubwe village and the surrounding places covering over 70 households.

Taking a leaf from Mr James Ndambo’s story, my organization is into an empowerment scheme.

So far, we have trained over 200 Members in basic chicken management practices in Mbabala, Macha and Choma town and all await empowerment.

Similarly, we want to empower communities through our empowerment program. We believe in empowering communities only then can Zambia develop.

Development should start from the grassroots. In order to achieve the aforementioned, we want to be connected to various networks to do more for our people under the umbrella of MY HOME TOWN.

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  1. Awesome… thanks for the insight!
    May the president engage such generous and influential Zambians to help turnaround the fortunes of this nation!
    Whether Mr Ndambo likes it or not, he is Zambian for life. He can have any other citizenship but we should claim him as ours! Let’s value our own!
    Great philanthropist!

  2. You started of well giving us an insight about the same ndambo but towards the end you became a beggar just like others.

  3. If he’s such a staunch Christian like you claim, why is he always flaunting his wealth, or in bed with Isabel dos Santos, africa’s biggest female thief, or Belarus, a tyrannical dictatorship controlled by Putin?

  4. @ Shapiro well said. Why all of sudden this media blast trying to convince everyone why Ndambo is such a great person. Something seems fishy here. Not sure what.

  5. I have said before only time will tell, if the devil could ask Jesus to worship him in order to give him rulership which already rightly belongs to him, who is man that he can flauntly and with trumpets give against Jesus’ teachings without asking for something in return? Let those with ears and sound mind hear.

  6. The Tragedy of Christianity is demonization of wealth!
    It’s amazing how a man is demonized for reaching out to fellow man using their means!
    Iliko bad pa Zed!
    Benangu Chiba baba bad!

  7. LET COOL HEADS PREVAIL. Ndambo has thrust himself in public recourse through his PUBLIC display of his philanthropic efforts and also made PUBLIC statements bordering on political. That said when you choose to be PUBLIC, the public will respond with, albeit, divergent views and opinions. SO those IDIOTS trying to muzzle people’s opinions pro or against need to shove it. You go PUBLIC expect PUBLIC opinions and not SUBMISSIVE opinions. PERIOD. Keep in mind not every Zambian feeds off of Ndambo or expects handouts from Ndambo. So do expect those financially independent and clear minds to jump on the Ndambo bandwagon.

  8. Correction: so DO NOT expect those financially independent and clear minds to jump on the Ndambo bandwagon.

  9. I learnt a few years ago from a niece to late Bishop Mkandawire of the New Apostolic Church, that the Bishop was a maternal uncle to Mr. Ndambo, not the dad. He however raised him as his son under very strict Christian values.


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