Miles Sampa


By Miles B. Sampa, MP(25.09.2022)

Listened with dismay on radio 📻 last week the Home Affairs Minister Hon Jack Mwiimbu confirm that indeed there exist at UTH a special clinic for ‘ndevu pa ndevu’ or ‘mukazi pa mukazi’. He further said it was found in existence after last year general elections and that it will not be closed by his hoffice.

The question is why won’t the current administration close it. It’s ‘for what for’ and whose interest is it saving. It’s been made clear that there is a law that prohibits and make such acts a crime in Zambia. The Home Affairs & Internsk Security Ministry role is to arrest anyone that breaks any one law without fear or favour.

We have a duty to protect our innocent little boys and girls from ever thinking same sex affairs are ok in Zambia 🇿🇲. They can only get tempted if they see those in the vice are being rewarded with special facilities like this hidden clinic at UTH.

The new Dawn administration may aswell open special clinics for those that break various laws of our land. For easier of reference, condoning the gay and lesbian private clinic in Zambia implies as a national we should establish a special clinic for all murderers, armed robbers, careless minibus drivers causing RTSA accidents etc etc

It would also mean we open a special clinic for other law breakers like pornographic videos producers or distributors. Sooner even wizards (indoshi or mfwiti) will demand to be rewarded with a special clinic.

The argument that it was established by the previous government ( whether true or false) would imply any wrongs of the previous administration are now legal and should be ignored. The answer is a big No.

Abantu nabafulwa (people upset) on the apparent casual approach to this topic of gays and lesbians.

We are a Christian nation that has African traditional values and culture to protect.

Close that private clinic in a public hospital for those law breakers you want to treat special from ordinary and straight majority Zambians. Withdraw those Doctors and Nurses stationed there to come compliment our Matero level 1 hospital if UTH has that luxury in its medical staff compliment.

Instead position policemen at that clinic to arrest gay and lesbian patients arrivals. Chain them to the beds 🛌 as you do to other criminals while receiving medical attention at UTH.

If it means refunding any NGO or foreign stakeholders that may have funded the clinic, please lets. #ClosetheclinicNow



  1. Created by your party Miles so why are you so forceful on it. ? We would have applauded you had you stood upto it during your party s tenure.


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