Dr George Magwende


The Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned Dr. George Magwende, former Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration to appear before it on Tuesday 9th August, 2022 for questioning.

The Commission has been carrying out investigations on allegations of corruption against him.

Dr Magwende is expected to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission on the said date at 9:00 hours.

Dr. Magwende was relieved of his duties as Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration in the Ministry of Health by President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday.

The ACC warns that all serving public officers must stay clear of any corrupt practices in their daily dealings and conduct because there are no sacred cows in this fight against corruption. Queen K. Chibwe ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMISSION SPOKESPERSON


  1. Word has it that the old guard tricked him into signing off a “doctored” list of recruits where some volunteers who were picked at district level were replaced by MOH HR!
    Then there is the scandal of the $100 million contract for the Infectious Disease Hospitals which was cancelled due to too many irregularities.
    I think the old HR and procurement teams at MOH must be replaced!
    Dr Magwende in this case may be a victim of old schemers.
    The appointing authority must investigate well before taking action. Sometimes, ask someone to resign to save face than to undress them in public without evidence of their direct involvement in wrong doing.
    The trouble with the hire-and-fire approach to management is that people will start avoiding doing certain aspects of their jobs out of FEAR and that’s the last thing you want. Experience has shown that the more people fear, the more mistakes they make and what you get in the end is resentment!
    To the remaining Pass, don’t sign documents anyhow! You may end up signing your own dismissal letter! After all, you are the Controlling Officers.
    Bally Temunobe … kikikiki

  2. If indeed Hakainde did hire him, then at least we know he has the guts to act and will not protect everyone he has appointed. He has though protected some people that should have been fired instantly, like Gary, whom I actually do like very much.

    Can Hakainde update us on asset recoveries please? This can help alleviate the suffering of the people. It is not peanuts that PF allegedly stole.

  3. It’s alleged he was paid some cash by drug suppliers in dubai when they went to buy drugs. The money was three shares for the Minister of Health and the Two Permanent Secretaries. It must have been a lot of money! The poor guy was a Chola boy. Looks like the givers spilled the beans to the System. It therefore means Masebo and Professor Kasonka must be queried also if they got their share. We need Men and women of impeccable integrity to serve at MOH, able to withstand many temptations! If these revelations are true, then Bally is on firm ground to dismiss Dr Magwende! He should do the same to the other Two if indeed found wanting! And possibly empty Ndeke house and start afresh!


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