By Miles Sampa
Assuming transactions are legal, ma funso?
1) When did the airport become a minerals transactions place ?
2)Who is the seller and who is the buyer ?

3) The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) discourages cash transactions and citizens now pay mostly via bank transfer or mobile money payments. Why was the buyer paying for the minerals using excessive amount of cash (plus $5.6M)?
4) Did ZRA collect any tax or duty from the transaction?

5) It was not one but about 5 planes that landed. Others were parked and could be seen as one arrived at the police checkpoint entering the airport. What was in the other 4 planes ?

5) Why is the Minister of Mines Hon Kabuswe interfering in active operations by the DEC? Is that not an offense. We heard from the DEC Boss of his team arrests. We have not heard from him on the arrest reversal?

6) Was the Gold and cash from other countries and our KK airport was just being used as a transaction place?
7) Was the Gold (of Copper if you like) from one of Zambian mines in the Copperbelt or North western province ?
😎 Has any Bank in Zambia have records of this $5.6M transaction?

9) Where was these people detained and been released on bond olo mulandu wasila?
10) How much money has Zambia made out of these planes that landed or how much one Zambian made and have they paid tax ?

This scandal is one that our government cannot afford to sweep under the carpet.They have to tell it as it is if the public has to understand be it a bit. It’s same government officials that alerted the public on the arrests and cannot back out or wash out the investigations within hours. Only the truth and nothing but the truth will ever rest this matter otherwise ilyashi iyi tayakapwe.

There is more questions than answers.



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