Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni
Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni

Allow the DPP to defend herself
By Dr. Brian Mushimba

The President spiritedly defended the actions of his government so far in handling the Milingo & KCM saga.

He took time to explain his government’s interactions with Milingo and how they have not been about giving him immunity.

How no one can grant immunity in the manner the DPP might have done it. We listened to him go the extra mile in explaining their side and veered into openly chastising the DPP for her handling of the Milingo immunity issue.

The President acquitted himself and his team very well of any wrong doing in that press conference.

And the nation now turned to the DPP. How in the hell, singularly and unilaterally, she could have contravened every precedence and laws of the land to enter into immunity agreements with a suspect?

People petitioned that she be removed from office on this score. And the President encouraged this. The Judicial complaints Commission (JCC), her supervisors, asked her to exculpate herself on the matter but she responded that she is unable because of her oath of secrecy on her office. She claims it can only be lifted by the President to allow her to speak and defend herself.

In fairness and to allow her to tell her side of the story and possibly exonerate herself or implicate herself further, I thought the President would expeditiously grant her the waiver she sought.

If this has not been done yet, we publicly encourage the President to consider giving her the permission to speak so she can tell her side. The President has nothing to hide, so he said.

Therefore, it’s only fair after all the mud that has been thrown at her office that she be given a microphone to speak as well. It’s good for Zambians to hear both sides and let them be the judges.

This article is not addressing the broader issues of KCM, the court appointed arbitration, Mr. Milingo, why he sought immunity and any of his alleged misdeeds. That is for a different day.

This article is only about a person who has been dragged in the mud being allowed to tell her side of the story.

I come in peace ✌🏾




  1. Hakainde will not let the DPP talk. He wants this matter to die quietly.

    Hakainde acted like a bully during that press conference. It was not classy at all.

    Anyway, Brian, what happened to FTJ University?

    And please come and take those world war 2 type aeroplanes you bought for ZA.

    You politicians are all the same.

  2. Zambian politics as a minor aspect of global politics and power play. Zambians if you knew the truth? You would vote for your personal selves. In essence not vote at all.

    BUHULE in politics. Literally so. Those that claim to be saints.

    Awe kweena…

  3. This article is full of hallucinations. Be careful where you get your PHD or you may end up writing garbage like Brian.


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