Honourable Patrick Tembo, Bahati Constituency


The law do not count how many times one is arrested for as long as they continue breaking the law. HH, the most abused and attacked opposition leader then has continued to be attacked for things he has not done. What kind of hate is this.

President Hakainde Hichilema did not send anyone to go and use bad language. Secondly, anything that a UPND member does should not be put on the shoulders of government or UPND as a party. The president has made it very clear, anyone who misbehaves they are on they own.

It is very wrong for a leader like SEAN E TEMBO to insult the Head of State as Imbwa yaku State House. If the police will not move in to arrest him, then it will look as normal to use such defamatory statements against the President. I don’t want to say much but to ask the police to arrest this bitter man.

Let him go and explain the Imbwa from state house in court. This is how you put sense in leaders who have little sense in their heads. This is not freedom of speech but abuse of freedom of speech.

Buy local and remember to put Zambia first

Mine is to open your eyes.

True Son of the soil.


  1. Too much for checks and balances for IMBWA YA MA ZERO VOTES, No following, no ward, no constituency, no district, not even a dog at his house can become a party member, because it thinks the owner is more of a dog that the dog itself.

  2. Well said Mr Patrick i only didagree with you when you refer Sean Tembo as a leader. The question is who is Sean Tembo leading? This is a one man political party ; it has no following. How then do you address Sean Tembo as a leader? Sean Tembo speaks for himself to himself and usually when he is not in his right state of mind.

  3. I think Sean has crossed the line with insults. Please lock him up for his own safety because wr will teach him some respect. This is not being an opposition leader but a bitter son of a b….

  4. This man is hellbent with the vile and vulgar.
    He seems to have a warped mind which relishes in exhibiting irrational behavior full of spite, malice, hatred and other demon-energised traits. He may be re-living his upbringing and background

  5. With ALL these insults to Bally from the SEAN TEMBO, are the UPND Youths telling me that there is no one who can do something to this NUISANCE called Shoon Tembo.
    The fella will never grow up and we are fed up with these insults. Can HH be called a DOG, IMBWA, etc and UPND Youths are quiet? No – what are youe waiting for? Stand up and be counted, NO MORE warnings; time for action is NOW you are so COWARDS! Just do it; Bally is not and cannot be a DOG as Shoon has called him

  6. Sean Tembo is a lunatic and confused jealous person who cannot match the intelligence and great brilliance of his Excellency President Hikainde Hichilema. Our president is very stead and sobre, his critics are all living in disgrace and shameful live everyday and being haunted by their falsehood and tribal hate remarks they used to utter. God Almighty really humbled many people who thought they could determine who should become president in Zambia.

    God Almighty will continue humiliating and disgracing people like Sean Tembo, Chilufya Tayali, Chishimba Kambwili, Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Emmanuel Mwamba, Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, Fred M’membe, Frank Bwalya, Bowman Lusambo, Antonio Mwanza and many other jealous people. The very evil words and false predictions you make will be your portion in your lives. God Almighty is on the throne and he is restoring dignity, humanity, rule of law and order and bringing prosperity to Zambia. Those yelping and making hallucinations should continue to do so, give unwise person too much freedom and you will easily see how he or she will eat his vomit and again return to his or her vomit. There is no need to attack Sean Tembo as he is already fighting against his own destiny and future. Oh Lord God Almighty keep our dear president Hikainde Hichilema from the snares they have laid for him, from the traps set by evildoers. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while he passes by in safety.

  7. If PF disciplined him why can’t UPND also instill some discipline in him? This chap maybe looking for ko fela…. and he is so weak.

  8. The president must replace Jack mwiimbu from his ministerial position with honourable Mwetwa,this mwimbu is the one who messed up the court case during the election petition in 2016 and the president knows that ! What is so special about this kashi ? Mr.President fire this man for your own sake, some people in your cabinet are not helping you but undermining you. Mr.President ,you must listen or else you falling in trap.


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