Ashling Murphy: Murder allegedly alleges masked guy killed Ashling

Ashling Murphy was a primary school teacher and talented folk musician

The man who is blamed for killing Ashling Murphy said in court that someone he didn’t know, who was wearing a mask, attacked him and killed the 23-year-old teacher.

Irish broadcaster RTÉ said that he admitted to lying to the Irish police and claimed he doesn’t remember confessing to her murder.

Jozef Puska, a 33-year-old man from Lynally Grove, Mucklagh in County Offaly, is on trial at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court for the murder of Ms Murphy. However, he claims he is innocent and is testifying in his own defense.

Ms Murphy was attacked and killed while running near Tullamore on 12 January 2022.

Mr Puska said that the person who attacked him was wearing dark clothes and a mask on their face.

He said that a man yelled at him in English, but he couldn’t understand him and didn’t know why the man attacked him.

He said that a man stabbed him in the stomach. Then he saw a woman show up, and the man attacked her.

Mr Puska said he did not hurt Ms Murphy and continued to say that he tried to assist her with her injuries. However, he left the area because he was feeling overwhelmed and frightened.

He said he fell into a hole and passed out for several hours.

Mr Puska said he couldn’t remember admitting to killing her in the hospital two days later in court.

He said he doesn’t remember what happened on the day he confessed, but he admitted he may have talked to the police about his family.

He confessed to telling false information to the police, including getting stabbed in Blanchardstown, because he was worried about his family’s safety. He said to Judge Hunt that he didn’t want to inform his family about the attack in Tullamore because he was afraid they would look for the person who hurt him.

Mr Puska said he didn’t run away to Dublin from Tullamore and he said he didn’t purposely change how he looks.

He said he frequently had difficulty remembering some things, and he was telling the truth, not lying.

He denied the accusation of following women in Tullamore and said that he couldn’t do that because he is married. He also said he didn’t scare Anne Marie Kelly, who spoke in court before, and he just glanced at her.

Mr Puska asked for his clothes to be thrown away because he had not seen them again.

Ashling Murphy was alive when Mr. Puska was with her, but he could see that she was dying.

He said he didn’t know how to help her because he didn’t have any medical experience. Then, he left and stayed hidden in a ditch for four hours because he didn’t have enough energy to keep going.

When someone asked Mr. Puska if he was the one who stabbed Ashling Murphy 11 times, he replied, “No, it wasn’t me. ”

Lawyer Anne-Marie Lawlor argued that Ms. Murphy scratched him in an attempt to protect herself, and his DNA was found underneath her fingernails.

He said that Ms Murphy had gloves on and any DNA found near her could be explained because he was near her.

“He said it is strange. ”

Mr Puska said he was being honest about what he remembered, but Ms Lawlor said he had always lied during the investigation and was still lying on Friday.

The trial is almost finished, and there is only one more person left to give their testimony. After that, the lawyers will make their final speeches. It is likely that the jury will start discussing and making their decision by the middle of next week.


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