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Judith Kabemba Writes…..

Being Methodical Will Cost You, A little Dictatorship of Retiring All Bad Eggs in National Interest is Ok in African Politics

Remember removing them from power was a means of having them face the tenacity of the law. The end is having them caged for the atrocities committed against the Zambians

Mr President, you cannot fight a group of thieves who have a systematic way of shielding their crimes with a soft heart.

Forget about being methodical and make brave decisions. Clean up the judiciary , this you need to do now. Don’t worry about the rule of law. This is Africa. A use a little dictatorship to help clean up the mess in ensuring that the judiciary is cleased is ok . Such example is retiring of all bad eggs in national interest and bring in new minds and also carry out departmental transfers to clean the system

Get rid of all those PF corrupt individuals you are still keeping in key positions. They are frustrating your efforts .

What’s your fear kanshi ba kateka? Why are you still keeping them? This delay will cost you.

Whatever good you will do maybe obstructed with the anger people will have towards you if your government fails to deal with corrupt individuals.

No more bargaining, No more immunity , People want to see criminals in jail. Please be our Kagame


  1. I have said this same thing time without counting. I am glad there are serious Zambians like you Judith to make HH7 think about the way to deal with the mafias this country has produced.

    Even if it means one year of no rule of law to deal with gassers, thieves, looters and plunderers so be it.

  2. Sorry Judith Kabemba, I do not know you but when I read your words I was reminded of the advice a certain king of Israel received from his wife when he complained that a certain man was giving him sleepless nights. ‘You are the king, ala! Do something!’

  3. Spot on Judy, you are a good woman that means well for this country. That is what we call constructive criticism, thank you for that madam. You mean well for this country and HH must listen. This is the type of people that should be joining UPND.

  4. Well said Madam Judith.

    We must realise that we are in africa and not europe! We admire Rwanda’s massive transformation into a very successful Nation. One of the best performing nations in africa if not the best. Who is their leader? Paul Kagame’s leadership. The one who recently visited our country! Why cant we learn from Leaders like Paul Kagame and how they fought this Corruption scouge.

    These plunderers are pipo with alot of money and you know very well that on earth money answers all things. You can even use money to buy prayers and so called blessings from a pastor. These plunderers are now using huge sums of monies to fight back corrupting judges and law enforcement officers.

    You cant find criminals by being methodical……Use the language they will that befits them….A language that befits criminals

  5. I am happy some praise singers are now seeing things the way they are now.

    Hakainde is a stubborn man. He needs more voices telling him to change course when necessary. He is a human being too. He will listen. He should listen.

    We all want the best for out country.

  6. These calls for madness must stop! Incompetence on the part of ACC and state prosecutors is no warrant for oblivion. Those that have to be retired in national interest can be retired if there is proof of wrong doing in their part. Dictatorship is never the right call.

  7. The Judiciary has lost respect and credibility following revelations of corruption involving High Court Judge Joshua Banda. What kind of Judgement do we expect from his current fellow judges he has been exchanging notes with! They will acquit him.
    Retire all the judges in national interest and appoint a new crop of judges! Don’t even waste time with tribunals to investigate sitting judges. They will frustrate the process the way they frustrated Sata! We can pay all of them their terminal benefits. We need to reset the Judiciary, especially the Constitutional court! Haven’t you seen that all the accused in PF are running to the Constitutional court? That is a PF court that was carefully set up by ECL to rubber stamp his eligibility to stand for a third term and it happened. They managed to bangle the interpretation of the constitution.
    HH and UPND should be grateful to Zambians and listen for your own good and the good of the nation. You will go to jail if you allow PF to get away with corruption! They will use stolen money to try and bounce back!
    If Haimbe is failing to take bold decisions at Justice ministry, drop him and appoint someone courageous to do the job like Masebo!
    Trying to be Methodical with the wrong method won’t work!
    You have to be cruel in order to be kind sometimes!
    Appoint new judges and retire the entire current crop!

    • Don’t entice HH to do the things that he detests. HH has proposed to bring back all those that were retired by pf on national interest and he is one you want him to do what he doesn’t support. You’re proposing HH to become a dictator! Seriously! Are you out of your senses? By proposing dictatorship in this country is tantamount to proposing impeachment of the President. Come on, let’s be careful with issues of national importance.

  8. Firstly it was with the way HH is doing things, he will continue losing elections and never become President, after he wins it now it will cost him. Methodically the country will win, success in anything take time and is not easy

  9. Iam one of the people who admire the eloquence of Mrs Judith Kabemba and the way she deals with political common sense. What she is saying is true,you cannot be methodical with thieves because if you do they will end up stealing something else. It seems the President and his people in the UPND are apologetic to the PF for having won the elections. I will not be surprised if HH7 becomes a one term President. Mr Donald Trump won the elections by telling lies about Mr. Obama and later during the campaign about Mrs. Hillary Clinton. In the world we are living in today, people hear repeated lies from the PF and the lies become the truth. The citizenary are hearing and seing things that make them come to the conclusion that the President is a weak person and will soon regret for having voted him into office. In our African traditional way of thinking, if a person tell lies about you and you are quiet about it then everyone will say it is true. People will say if the Pf leaders are thieves who stole from government coffers, why are they free and bragging about their illgotten wealth and mocking the President about it. No one, I repeat none will be found quilty of corruption if the cases will be brought before Mr Lubinda’ PF cadre judges.

  10. The Bembas say “umuntu ewalangile inkalamo ukwikata pa mukoshi”. Literally translated, the human being taught the lion to kill by going for the neck of its prey. The law must be followed in all criminal cases of corruption. Failure to follow the law is what is leading the ACC to bungle these cases. HH cannot be expected to be the investigative officer, the prosecutor and the judge. Zambia is a constitutional democracy that has to follow the law. KABEMBA JUDITH is what we call in Bemba mundetelele or kasongelekanya. I wanted to compare her to Eve in the Bible but that is probably a wrong comparison. Remember how she fought Kalaba over the leadership of Democratic Party? Now that she is no longer in control of DP, she is looking for political relevance by suggesting the indefensible to HH.

  11. Very good advice from this young lady. Let Bally put blanket to the rule of law just for few months, squeeze the balls of thieves painfully, clean judiciary, and jail all financial criminals after recovering our money. Then Mr President can go back and put on his white gloves to his methodical and systematic of doing things which isn’t working now. Most Zambians will support and understand him if he acts the way above lady has advised. I support her , this is Africa, the criminals don’t understand any other language. No wonder we don’t have any self exiled thief currently from Zambia because even those who had run or were planning to go on exile when UPND took power learnt the weakness of of HH, and stayed back, they are now eating with bother hands arrogantly what the they looted and stole.

  12. A President is like a lion, a namweleu, that marauding lion that spread brought terror in the Northern part of Zambia during colonial times. He has wide-ranging discretionary power. Therefore, he cannot be encouraged to be a marauding lion, a namweleu, among the people he governs. The President’s wide ranging discretionary power must be tempered by the available constitutional limits. That is what a constitutional democracy demands.

  13. I didn’t know this lady until now. Sometimes it is better to keep one’s mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt. Nobody, in their right senses can appeal to a President, with all the powers that he has, to become a dictator. So, Ms Kabemba wants the President to abrogate the Constitution? She should never be in the corridors of power – she is an extremely dangerous woman. When one asks a leader to be tough, you are asking him to ensure that everybody conforms to the law of the land – not to become a dictator. Those of you supporting these careless sentiments by this careless woman, need to be very careful. When Idi Amin took over power in Uganda, people celebrated on the streets.


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