Bishop Imakando backs Hichilema calls for Zambians to take up farming

Bishop Imakando

Bishop Imakando backs Hichilema calls for Zambians to take up farming

BISHOP Joseph Imakando has echoed President Hakainde Hichilema’s call for Zambians to take up farming and other business ventures for personal and national development.

The Bread of Life Church international general overseer has encouraged Zambians to start farming and mining in 2024, predicting a year of divine overflow and a transfer of wealth.

During a New Year’s Eve sermon, Bishop Imakando said there will a wealth transfer this year, with many Zambians owning businesses.

The Bishop declared a changing season and encouraged his congregation to move with the times and align themselves with the discerned prophecy for prosperity through their hands.

“We must get engaged in mining. The minerals in Zambia are for the Zambians. God gave us these minerals, we can not allow (other) people to come and plunder these resources,” he said.

“In the past we were ignorant but now we are educated, let us pray for ways in which we can participate, (and) ways in which we can own mines as well.”

Bishop Imakando said he would support those entering mining or farming, expressing readiness to pray for them more than those opting for Bible school.

“If you want to go into mining you have my blessing. I am ready to pray for you if you want to get into farming, I am ready to pray for you. I stand ready, more ready to pray for you than if you want to go to Bible school.

“Because you will go to Bible school and end up (to be) a poor pastor troubling people for little offerings,” added Bishop Imakando.

“I know when I speak some of you question, “how is it going to happen ?” When I said change was coming in (2021), some of you were questioning because what was on the ground did not suggest change but change came.”

He emphasised for citizens to get land, grow things there and watch God bless those things to see an abundant harvest.

“God will bless the works of your hands, if you are not working, God has nothing to bless. This year it is time to go farming, it is time to get dirty.”

Prior to the message of Bishop Imakando, President Hakainde Hichilema said 2024 will dedicated to unlocking the economy, envisioning it to be a year of new opportunities.

The Head of State during his last press conference also urged people to get land and farm as Government works towards enhancing farming from seasonal planting and harvesting to monthly.

By Moses Makwaya



    • Poor mindset of you. Go to the farms so that fertilizer can be sold to you. The fertilizer company can not wait for you when there is someone in Botswana who needs it and the country(yourself) benefits from fore exchange

  1. I wish Bishop Immakando could himself venture into farming instead of living off the tithe of his congregants who he continues to dupe. It is shameless of him to tell his congregants of being worshippers of Mammon and urge them to drop their hard-earned money on the floor of his Church while he goes round picking that money for himself. I watched that on ZNBC some years back and could not believe his congregants could allow themselves to be duped by Joe Immakando.


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