“Over the last few months, we have engaged in heightened criticism of President Hakainde Hichilema’s New Dawn administration.

Understandably so, our criticism has been premised on the strong understanding that the UPND over promised during election campaigns. Our heavy handed approach to our politics has been driven by a clear conviction that Zambia deserves better and can and should be better.

The UPND received a resounding mandate from the Zambian people on 12th August 2021, that victory gave them an opportunity to preside over our national affairs for five years. Taking full recognisance that the UPND still has well over four years to govern, we wish to announce that our approach to politics will now change. We will allow our colleagues to enjoy and fully execute their mandate. We will engage in matters that only go to develop the nation. We will not dwell on name calling, character assassination and tribal divisiveness. Our approach henceforth shall be civil, fortified on facts and delivered with the full sincerity on the need for nation building.

As we do so, we will not take our eyes off our collective resolve to develop this country. We will voice out when need arises. We will point issues that we do not agree with but the central theme of our message will be development.

Our primary focus will now be on serving the people of Kabushi. With the new CDF model, we believe, working together with our people in Kabushic we can deliver sustainable solutions to the problems that continue to plaque us in our Constituency.

It is evident that President Hichilema and his government have inflicted pain on me and my family, we forgive him wholeheartedly and we don’t hold any grudges. In the same token, we know that some of our actions and words may have injured the Head of State and the First Family, from the deepest part of our hearts, we apologize and seek his forgiveness. We wish to turn a new page in our approach to politics and our first point of call is for us to make peace with all those we may wronged in our previous manner of conducting politics.

We remain resolved to support President Hichilema’s fight against corruption. We believe this fight is noble and intended to help develop Zambia. If there are any resources that belong to Zambia that may have been looted, they should be recovered and rechanneled for the benefit of all.
We also strongly believe that this fight should be conducted in a just, fair and humane manner.

We will support this government to deliver to the Zambian people as they promised because if the UPND delivers, Zambia wins.”

Hon. Bowman C. Lusambo, M.P

Kabushi Constituency


  1. Even if the pf last born bowman lusambo was speaking on video it would be hard for me to believe. Why change of heart suddenly.

  2. If this approach is geniue it is step in the right direction. This does not automatically make the alleged crimes disappear.

    However, if someone is totally has truthfully repented the law can be enforced but there can always be consideration for good behaviour. I don’t think it is possible for anybody to be angry for ever.

  3. This apology has been spoiled by the words I quote”PRESIDENT HICHILEMA HAS INFLICTED PAIN ON ME AND MY FAMILY”end of quote.
    President Hichilema was put in a cell using a bucket as a toilet and spent days at Mukobeko Maximum Prison for a Traffic Offence.No apology by anyone let alone Mr Lusambo.
    Yes Lusambo was arrested for Offenses under the Penal Code but he didn’t stay for long and whereas the Court has restored his property,it remains to be seen how which direction Higher Courts will take.
    Just say sorry,and not add words.
    Police is not HH and HH is not Police

  4. There is no genuine asking of pardon in this script written for Bowman to the president. Bowman like all semi literate men in a suit and given a title have no remorse. Bowman has seen his riders jump out the boat and is worried that he can t jump out of the boat and there is a huge upheaval in the judiciary

  5. Did he also steal from HH?

    He should be apologising to the Zambian people.

    Hakainde is just our kaboyi we sent as voters to put scamming thieves like you Lusambo into jail.

  6. If the article is true which i doubt, then there is no remorse in his message.
    Since when did Bowman have a PR person outside the time he was Minister?
    You should apologise to the Zambian population at large for your foul language. We knew you were behavibg like a rabid dog with no substance in your blabering. HH has treated all of you with kid gloves, we are not happy.
    You danafed his house with intent to kill him, even defecated in the house. He simply repaired his house without making any claims from your govt. Your laywer is busy urging his clients to sue for compensation like its UPND party that will pay; its us from govt treasury baba. Why do you want your clients to loot more from govt. You put laws in place to make sure there was no paper trail to your clients’ thieving. Now you want to continue looting by urging them to sue?

  7. This is not apology. He is not remorseful. He he just playing monkey after the Court dismissed his case to be refered to concourt, now he has sensed that he is moving from shallow water where he has been making noices and beating the chest arrogantly, to a deeper depth for drowning as he cases start trials on 24th next week.
    It shocked me when he said during his visit to his house in Ibex that the Acc officials were admiring his expensive bed that can take years of their migre salaries to buy. This guy is a crack, and a glown, unrepentant thug.

  8. Nonsense. If you have changed, don’t broadcast it. It will show. How do you find so much time to waste? You support the fight against corruption? hahaha.

  9. He should also apologise to the Kaunda family for calling them stupid for not stealing while their father was President.

  10. 1. Law is catching up on him hence the change of tone
    2. He has been directed by party hierarchy to change tone as PF is rebranding and they would like to be looked apon as new PF who are civil in their politics that’s why he keeps saying we instead of me.
    Otherwise a leopard can never change his spots.

  11. We know why he wants to apologize now. His case has not been referred to the concourt where his corrupt judges would have acquitted him. So he is in a corner now.


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