Binwell Mpundu


Let me take this opportunity to remind UPND and PF that Zambia does not belong to you alone are you listening. Imwe ba UPND you are only 2.8million that is if all those who voted for you are your members and imwe ba PF you are only 1.8 million again it depends on whether all those that voted for you are your members.
This means the two of you combined you are only 4.8 million compared to the rest of us who are neither UPND nor PF and in number we are 13.4 million Zambians.

Every time you are doing your politics just remember this fact because your actions and inactions in the recent past are not inspiring at all. You are risking the peace of this country by creating so much tention with your excitement.
Today we can not even say or do anything let alone even having fun to ourselves ninshi you label us to either be UPND or PF, muiceme sana imwe babili twamitamba sana.

Imwe ba PF you need to know that HH is the president and the sooner you realize that the better. You should accord him the necessary respect as head of state because he’s not just a UPND president but our Republican President who deserves to be respected at all times. Watch your language towards him(You should stop complaining when you land yourselves into trouble because of your mouth).

Imwe naimwe ba UPND can you for once remember that you are now in power and in charge and start acting so. This excitement of treating others who have opposing view like criminals to an extent of bundling them in vans taking them to places unknown is irresponsible its not correct. Can you for once start acting right muleumfwa. Zambia has a very healthy democracy and we have worked so hard and invested so much to have the peace we have today. If you think we can allow you destroy this democracy mubepelefye we will defend it with our lives.One day chimo chikafwa uko kwine mulebatwala u will see how this country will erupt.

Imwe ba PF you had your chance to rule this country and let your friends ba UPND also try their best to see what they have under their sleeves. You must realise that some of the problem the UPND are dealing with today, its you who messed up so lekeni abanenu bateke in peace, meaning that start doing your checks and balances responsibly. But imwe ba UPND stop minding the PF fix your eyes on the ball and start attending to problems affecting the people which is why you were elected because people knew the mess PF left and they believed you could fix things. Can you for once focus. Stop talking and concentrate on working.

Let me further remind you ba UPND that you need to start listening more. Open your eyes and listen to what people are saying especially those complaining that things are not ok on the ground. There’s too much hunger in the communities ala abantu bane balechula because there are no economics activities for people to fall back on and when people complain it doesn’t mean they hate you. They just want you to know that there’s need for you to quickly find solutions to these challenges as opposed to antagonising anyone who says anything against you.
Ba PF naimwe u need to keep quiet for God sake, you had a chance to leave things better if only you were listening to what we used to tell you and today you want to act like you are messiers Can you for once sit down and if you have anything to contribute, that which you think you should have done, advise your friends in power soberly.

Imwe ba PF if you know you didn’t participate in illegalities(plundering of our resources) and u are accused, just go and have your day in court and prove your innocence and stop crying foul and claiming persecution as if you are the first ones to have been taken to court but if you know your hands are dirty just be prepared because umulandu taubola.

Imwe naimwe ba UPND can you be serious with this corruption fight and dont be excited with social media likes. A person is innocent until proven guilty act silently and dont pronounce people guilty by mere suspicions. Can the ACC put its house in order and let them work independently without due pressure thats why they are so in a hurry to please you and in the end they are being turned into laughing stocks. Let me also remind you ba UPND that the same fire your friends ba PF are passing through, you will one day pass through if you think your actions are not being watched. Just because the system is with you today doesnt mean it will always be on your side. Dont just sing on top of your voice against corruption but you are also busy doing corrupt activities tukesa mikaka you will see.
Ba ACC as you pursue those who are suspect to have been involved in corruption in the past dont forget to check that these in power are also acting right and when you find them please pounce on them to send a signal that your work wont be selective.

Imwe ba Youth have you seen how these your people are taking us for granted but you are also clapping. PF is disrespecting the president you are clapping. UPND using the police are using ancient means to silence their opponents you are again clapping.let me remind you that if things dont work out under bq UPND you are next ba youth so can you also get serious start analysing issues with objectivity and start getting ready for leadeship.

The church and civil society organization where are you naimwe kanshi. Are you not seeing that at the rate we are moving this country can slip into trouble?? Don’t you foresee tribal uprising because of the acts and inactions happening right now?? Do you want to come and talk when we have a problem.Foreign elements like gayism is now rampant in this country and its not like you are not seeing but i wonder why you are simply watching.
Can you for once try and sit president HH and Former president Lungu down and let the two help to calm the country down and start working on reconciliation.

Let me end by restating that we have watched you ba PF naba UPND for too long. Zambia does not belong to you alone start acting responsibly.




  1. Well articulated Honorable. Those with ears let them ear. The civil society and church are both napping. This is a serious advice but with Bally we know will get nothing as he is a bitter man cos of 129 days incarcenated . It will take years for him to forget and remove from his heart. We have gone back to PF ERA AND Telesphore Mpundu is quiet and bishop who brag that he is the poor.

  2. Imwe ba PF you need to know that HH is the president and the sooner you realize that the better. You should accord him the necessary respect as head of state because he’s not just a UPND president but our Republican President who deserves to be respected at all times. Watch your language towards him(You should stop complaining when you land yourselves into trouble because of your mouth) – Binwell Mpundu

  3. Spot on. We need healing and free minds to make true progress. Let us begin to see well organised and well intended deliberate steps for dialogue.

    When people differ they talk and talk until they find a solution. Those who want violence should be caged.

    It is not possible to have true and meaningful progress as long as people insult and hate each other. True developmental is a combined effort of all citizens, political leaders and all others stake holders within a country.

    It’s sad to note that discussions even on this platform have degenerated to hate speech and insults. Just look at us willing to kill and destroy each other in the name of the political parties we support. This is unacceptable and shameful.

    We agree with calls for the hard work of reconciliation. Some will have to pay for their crimes, this is a small price to pay to comprises for peace. If repentant we can also be reasonable to be lenient with our demands where acts were not too bad except such as murder and excessive plunder of the countries resources.

    This is the true a geniue position of the citizens. We are tired of leaders fighting we we want Justice and peace.

    Your Excellency, this is your role. We understand you were wronged and badly treated. No one can buy back the lost time no eradicate the pain that was planted in your heart only God can do this.

    We as citizens have seen the injustice that was done to you and hence given you the power to role us. We admonish you continue practicing love and forgiveness. Your position demands that above your needs ours come first and I say this respectively.

    Unfortunately, we have some arroangant people in the opposition who think being active means insulting and offending you. Those who take this path unfortunately will have themselves to blame when the law follows them.

    For now, let’s push for national dialogue to reconcile no matter how long it will take. This reconciliation is not only necessary for the political leaders but for the citizens as well. Families are torn apart due to the organisations the individually support or belong to. This sad. How can we hve national development when homes are on fire due to supporting leaders. It can not work.

    We can not keep living this way. It’s abnormal. More abnormal than the economic problems we are facing. In short our lack of healthy relationships and fellowships are the most urgent emergency we have. Why because this is what maintains, protects and evaluates what we build. If this is not functioning at optimal capacity we have no guarantee of ever making genuine and lasting progress as a country.

    We can do this. If we got over colonialism and slavery and now economic slavery. We can surely sit down and talk to our fellow Black Brothers and sisters and come to so sort of agreement. Even if we agree to disagree it is well. It’s a start.

    Our eyes and hearts are on you , Sir Your Excellency. Lead us into a great nation.

  4. Some guys we call honourables, look at the his good friends in parliament, Jay Jay Banda and Munir Zulu, these guys stood as independent because they were not picked by PF.

    The guy is still PF 100 percent and for him to say that the UPND is sorting out the mess left by the PF is an insult to every reasonable Zambia, this guy was in government and participated in creating that mess.

    This guy’s resignation speech was saying that the people of Nkana challenged him say that ” why should you continue being a coward” and proudly said that I will continue campaigning for the president because he has worked for the people of Zambia.

    Today the same guy wants to run away from his Friends.

  5. This man used to think he is so popular, now he is slowly losing the lime light. Was Lungu voted for by all Zambian during his time when praised him like all Zambians voted for him


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