A TRAGIC love triangle has exploded in Chongwe following the killing of a 49 year old man by his young brother for allegedly fooling around with his wife.

The elder brother of Ntanisha village in Chongwe was allegedly murdered by his young brother after he was found lying in wait for his young brother’s wife in his sibling’s house.

A neighbor, who refused to be named claims that the deceased had an affair with his young brother’s wife. It is believed that on Wednesday, June 10 the suspect Chipwalu Kandini, 37 went on a drinking spree with his wife, Mirraim Banda, 37.

The duo met Chipwalu’s elder brother identified as Raphael Kandini, at a drinking place in the same village. It is alleged that the elder brother arranged to meet his lover at her matrimonial home as they thought the younger brother was too drunk to walk home.

In unexpected circumstances the young brother kept an eye on his wife.

The elder brother is reported to have met his fate when his lover showed up in the company of her husband.

It is alleged that the young brother picked a stick and hit the brother who fell to the ground and then hit him with a stone on his head.

The young brother allegedly concealed the body in a shallow pit in his yard after he discovered that he had indeed killed him.

The suspect’s wife did not reveal the ordeal to anyone. After two days of the elder brother’s disappearance, the accused decided to dump the body along the road about 200 meters away from his house. He was helped to remove the body from the pit by his wife.

The body was discovered by a young girl in the morning of June 13. The residents who went to the scene after the young girl alerted them reported the matter to Chongwe police.

Police rushed to the scene and picked the body which was found with bruises and a disfigured head. The body was found naked and police later retrieved his clothes from the suspect’s home where they were hidden in a pit latrine.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the arrest of the couple who are currently remanded in police custody awaiting to be formally charged.
Meanwhile, the body has been deposited in Chongwe hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem and burial.

And Chongwe area member of parliament, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe who accompanied the police during a reconstruction of the crime at the scene described the incident as unfortunate. He later visited the funeral home and offered to assist with burial costs. He appealed to residents to seek amicable ways of resolving their differences rather than resorting to such acts.

Chongwe district commissioner, Mr. Robster Mwanza appealed to the residents not to take the law in their own hands, but inform the law enforcers to do their job under whatever circumstance. He described the act as barbaric and bemoaned the loss of life and an apprehension from the same family.


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