Catholic Bishops school Mutti on election of leaders in Parly


Catholic Bishops school Mutti on election of leaders in Parly

Catholic Bishops have urged Speaker of National Assembly Nelly Mutti to embrace criticism and accept that she is not a speaker of a given political party or another arm of government

In a pastoral letter on the state of the nation, the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops told Mutti that the election of different leaders in the National Assembly should be guided by law and not precedence, and that precedence must only in instances where that precedence is constitutional.

“Parliament is a place of honour and endowed with the privilege to legislate on behalf of the Zambian people. However, some of the recent happenings in the House fall below the expectation of the citizenry. We, therefore, urge the House and especially the presiding officers and lawmakers to conduct themselves above board and instill confidence in the people with regard to this important arm of government. We urge the Speaker to embrace criticism, build multi partisan consensus, and accept that she or he is the Speaker of National Assembly, not of a given political party or another arm of government,” they stated. “It is also important for presiding officers in the National Assembly to follow the Constitution, not precedence or tradition, when dealing with issues that touch on the supreme law of the land and whose resolution has a significant bearing on the character of our Republic as a multiparty democracy. The election of different leaders in the National Assembly, for instance, should be guided by the Constitution, not precedence, especially in instances where that precedence may be unconstitutional. Precedence is…


  1. It is a pity some idiots cannot differentiate a law school from a school of celibacy. Just like you cannot criticize a Judge right in the court of law, there is no way you can be criticizing or arguing openly with the speaker on the floor of the house. That is stupidity, idiotic, lawless and madness.

    These are not things taught in the schools of celibacy and if you are a graduate of fake priesthood, the best you can do is keep your lane and leave matters of law to qualified people to talk.

    You fail to understand the teachings of the Bible and wish to champion the teachings of law? Nyonyonxo school ipika nyonyonyo school ipika? STUPID IDIOTS.

    • Carry on insulting voters.

      Enjoy your 5 minutes of fame because it will not be pretty after the ka small god is ejected.

      We have had enough of your insults and tribalism. You will never change, no matter how many chances you are given.

  2. Can those cross dressing nincompoomps remove those dresses and join politics. In your catholicism there’s NO DEMOCRACY

  3. These Catholics ,they want to come out because the party in power is lead by someone whom they regarded as coming from a minority tribe,if those pfools members of Parliament who are misbehaving in Parliament were upnd they could have criticised bittery, now because it is their favourite party they want to resort to finding a Fort in the speaker who is the best in the world in terms of her fathers of Street kids can you just advise your pf mps to behave then you will see the speaker to be a good one,they should stop underating her because she is a female otherwise they will keep on dancing to her tune in line with the law

  4. The Catholic bishops who were quiet during the PF caderism days are today talking and supporting MPs disrespectful to the speaker.stupid idiots.they don’t represent the Catholic church but represent themselves and their stomachs.true idiots

  5. So much nonsense being posted here. Parliament is designed for argument. Argument is one process of governance. Argument is introduced into governance because ideas or arguments need to be scrutinised by as many sceptics as possible so that the laws that emerge will stand the test of time. The fathers of this type of democracy, the Greeks looked forward to political debate each Friday because ideas crystalize and get developed in arguments and counter arguments. You can argue with the speaker, she or he isnt God! The more you argue with her/him the better the discourse, the better the results and the better your democracy becomes.

  6. Iam happy because upnd has brought democracy during PF you can’t stand in parliament and argue with then Speaker Matibini how many times was Ho,Garry Nkombo kicked out of parliament?yes it’s time to enjoy democracy well done UPND and HH long live Zambia Amen.


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