Dr Mumba Malila SC
Dr Mumba Malila SC


Chief Justice Mumba Malila SC has set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Division Court.

He said this at the ceremonial opening of the High Court Session for 2022.

He announced the establishment of the new division as provided for under Article 133(3) of the Constitution of Zambia and Section 3 of the High Court Act, signed a Statutory Instrument to establish the new division under the High Court.

The theme for this year is When Patriotism Meets Justice.


  1. If you understand the presidents position and the process he has put in motion this is one of those that lay a foundation for long term the peaces are falling in place.
    If you remember it was highlighted that special courts would be set up and people keep getting impatient and in the process loosing site of what the presidents promised long to mid term goes are for our great country.
    This is not a tamanga process

  2. I think the govt was waiting to appoint the chief justice. Now that this court is established they will choose the RIGHT JUDGES, WHO WILL BE EFFICIENT AND FAST TRACK THE CASES.

    The plan is now coming together


  3. Ba kandile, judges, be ware.
    If found, doing illegal things, malila, tangala.
    You will be flashed out and stop practicing law!
    He has come to clean up the judiciary big time

  4. While fast track courts for those who steal or mismanage public resources are important, for ordinary people who cant access expensive lawyers and cant afford delayed judgements what is needed are fast track case handling mechanisms when for instance a tenant has not been paying rent or when a landlord refuses to refund the deposit to the tenant vacating a house. In rural farming communities, it would be cases such as stealing crops or livestock. Ordinary people suffer as they have no local mechanisms to address their issues. Going to court for most ordinary people is like a pipe dream!

  5. Perhaps at local level, the Ministry of Justice working with decentralised local structures can set up on a case to case basis a local jury supported by experienced judges to administer local fast track local cases handling mechanisms where ordinary people can access justice. There is no need for expensive lawyers and judges to deal with known local cases where local people would provide the needed evidence in most cases. The Judiciary could help set up case handling jury comprising ordinary local citizens and give them guidance on how to adjudicate local cases. This will help ordinary people!!


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