Chilanga woman marries 2 men


Tough like Chilanga cement: Chilanga woman marries 2 men

IN that small district south of Lusaka famous for having a long chimney and cement production, a 27 year old woman has shocked people with her behaviour.

When Mampi and Yo Maps sang ‘Bapele’ (give the men if they want), little did they know that Alice Kawina would take the message personally.

But so she did; though married to Kenzingtone Tumbama, 33, Alice one afternoon emptied her wardrobe and packed all her PF, UPND and MMD T-shirts and chitenges, plus anything else she considered part of her attire.

Just like that, off she was to a give her services to a new man who wanted her – a man 14 years older than her husband; 47 year old Adam Namonda.

To her husband, she did not even send an “it’s over” SMS.

No, she just quietly but swiftly defected from Tumbama to Namonda like a cadre whose political party has lost elections.

No happy with her marital defection, Tumbama approached Namonda and asked him to refund him the bride price he paid if he wanted to keep his wife; a request he ignored as night upon night he held adult games with Alice, as though they were in Sweden.

On this score, Tumbama sued in the Lusaka Boma Local Court to be compensated by Namonda for grabbing his wife.

Asked why she defected to a new man; Alice attempted to turn the court into a pity party, claiming Namonda’s girlfriend once spilled water on her and other unconvincing Rabbit-raped-a-Hippo stories.

For his part, Tumbama claimed that he has been keeping Alice as he knew her as a homeless single woman of Chilanga who needed iron sheets over her head.

Listening to both sides, magistrate Peggy Phiri charged Namonda K4, 000 for adultery but also advised Tumbama to be serious in life and not allow old people to be grabbing his wife like mangoes from a tree.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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