Ronald Chitotela
Ronald Chitotela


By Darius Choonya

Former Housing and Infrastructure Minister, Ronald Chitotela, wants the Lusaka High Court to set aside an application by the Anti – Corruption Commission (ACC) to have him prosecuted on a 2019 matter in which he was accused of acquiring properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

In this matter, ACC has filed an application before Court to set aside an out of court order settlement agreement granted by the Commission under the previous management to have his charges dropped.

The Commission alleges that Mr. Chitotela made a false disclosure of his properties by surrendering his wife’s property instead of his to have his corruption charges dropped.

But in his response, Mr. Chitotela says contrary to the claims by the commission he gave an honest and full disclosure of the properties with ACC making an undertaking not to institute criminal proceedings against him.


  1. No more fake deals in the dark corners. You were given enough time but because of the pf impunity, you felt untouchable. Now every Zambian only wants to see you prosecuted and punished.

    You are a diabolical despicable liar and thief to the core elder. You hid stolen stuff and money and forgot that God can not be deceived. You must go to jail and be the biggest flagship of what not to do when appointed to public office.

    After all, chitotela, weren’t you always advancing the argument that opposition were only accusing you because they wanted to weaken Edgar lungu by having all his powerful ministers out of government. ?

    Go back to luapula and call the chiefs you were bringing to lusaka and parading by giving them sweets like babies to shield you with their lives. That was abominable man. None will listen to you today. My people from luapula are the most pathetically deprived people in Zambia and if happened while an illiterate reserve constable you were, was making wealth by stealing from them. You guys led the team that turned luapula into a stupor of blind support for the same people who were hurting them. Ati pf bedroom but today luapula people look the most backward while those you hirter and who oppsed you, stood the ground to say no to your thieving, are a lot better by an immeasurable distance.

    No more negotiations with ACC. You chitotela must go to jail.

  2. ACC if you make a deal with a known criminal then you will be at risk yourself from descent
    We want a conviction or UPND will be a one term government, Bally you have to act on this man


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