Chiwenga’s doctor quizzed over wrong drugs


Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s personal physician, John Mangwiro, faced scrutiny regarding a nurse who allegedly administered incorrect medication to his patient.

During the cross-examination in the attempted murder trial of Chiwenga’s ex-wife, Mary Mubaiwa, lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa questioned Mangwiro about his decision not to remove nurse Warren Sibanda, who was accused of covertly administering the wrong drug to the vice president.

Mangwiro explained to the court that he could only act on suspicion and mentioned that Chiwenga would temporarily improve upon leaving the hospital but would relapse shortly afterward, raising concerns.

Mtetwa pressed Mangwiro on why Mubaiwa didn’t attempt to harm Chiwenga when they were at home without security. Mangwiro argued that Chiwenga would lose consciousness whenever Mubaiwa visited him at the South African hospital where he was admitted.

Mangwiro revealed that Dr. Seiling had alerted him about Sibanda administering the drug, prompting Mtetwa to question why he didn’t take immediate action. Mangwiro stated that he requested CCTV camera footage, but it was not provided, leading to blood sample tests.

Mtetwa highlighted Dr. Seiling’s suspicion of the drugs being administered to Chiwenga and mentioned that the doctor informed a security detail that Chiwenga was receiving pethidine from a bodyguard, challenging Mangwiro on why the aide didn’t identify Sibanda.

Mangwiro claimed ignorance, stating that he was only informed by Dr. Seiling. Mtetwa asserted that Sibanda, part of Chiwenga’s entourage, tampered with urine samples.

Mangwiro distanced himself from Sibanda’s testimony, stating that he did not communicate with him. He admitted not being present when Mubaiwa forcibly removed Chiwenga’s IV tubes, only hearing his screams for help.

The doctor acknowledged finding Mubaiwa holding the tubes with stitches, dripping blood. Regarding a T-shirt with blood stains, Mangwiro denied having it cleaned instead of preserving it as evidence.

He mentioned the hospital’s patient running chart as a record of incidents, insisting that these were hospital properties given to patients upon request.

Mtetwa argued that the hospital manager stated in a court statement that the investigating officer could have requested CCTV footage. Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka postponed the trial to November 27 for further proceedings.
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