Congratulations to the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) – Dr Mbita Chitala

Mbita Chitala

Congratulations to the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA)

By Dr Mbita Chitala
The whole country must cry a sigh of relief and congratulate former President Edgah Chagwa Lungu and the other members of the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) for holding their first peaceful and highly successful rally in Kitwe on 22 June, 2024.

We should also thank the international community particularly the Canadian High Commissioner and the outgoing British High Commissioner who finally spoke and convinced the UPND administration to stop abusing their power of incumbency and abrogating the constitution by wantonly enabling the Zambia Police Service to prevent opposition political parties and civil society from enjoying their rights to assembly and hold processions.

Without disparaging the efforts and achievements of the Kitwe rally, it is important that the members of the UKA work towards uniting all Zambians including all other political parties such as the Socialist Party and others not yet in UKA as well as all civil society organized in faith organizations, workers and student unions, unemployed youth, rural farmers, the middle class and traditional authorities as well as other patriotic groups in formation into a national patriotic movement to stop the Damage and tribal division that the UPND administration has done to Zambia.

It is evident that President Hakainde and the UPND administration have exacerbated the poverty and suffering of our people by administering an austere economic program; divided our country by practicing tribalism, nepotism, provincialism; destroyed institutions of governance such as the Zambia Police, Judiciary, National Assembly, Electoral Commission, the Civil Service and so on by making them partisan; superintendent upon a system of gross abuse of power and corruption as seen at Mopani Copper Mines, NAPSA, Fertilizer supply, Petroleum imports and so on; abuse of people’s rights such as abuse of the Public Order Act and selective application of the justice system; failure to enact democratic constitution and shrinking the democratic space; choosing the path of neo-colonialism where our sovereignty, independence, non-alignment has been compromised.

It is advised that the UKA works towards uniting all Zambians on the basis of One Zambia One Nation and must encourage all Zambians that qualify, to acquire National Registration Cards as well as register as voters.

It is also important that the UKA considers holding a National Convention of all representatives of citizens other than the UPND and their cohorts to elect a leadership that appreciates diversity to contest the 2026 elections.

This is what will give legitimacy to the leadership of the UKA and unite our people to remove the UPND dictatorship and replace it with a progressive united government of national unity.

However, the UKA should not be just a movement to remove by democratic means the UPND administration. It must also agree on achievable challenges.

The UKA must now formally register the alliance in conformity with our laws and provide in its statute a clause of recall of leaders and provide for the establishment of a government of national unity to implement the agreed to ideals.

The UKA should consider adopting the following ideals that many people of Zambia are currently yearning for:

  1. To enact a new Multi-Party Democratic Constitution that advances our democratic ideals, that reduces the abuse of power by the Executive, devolves governance to the provinces and districts. Democratic constitutionalism is a cause of common concern throughout Zambian society who want to entrench and widen human rights and devolve power to the people; repeal the provisions in the constitution that prevent us from having a democratic constitution; create a tolerant political environment and grow a democratic culture that celebrates divergent views and opinions of citizens; end the abuse of the Public Order Act and insure all citizens enjoy the rights to assembly, meetings , and procession as provided in our Constitution; expand Press freedom and the Access to Information; end including the abuse and insults levelled at the Catholic and other Christian and faith communities; end the situation where Traditional Highnesses live in constant fear and their powers to administer customary law and have treasuries in chiefdoms has been denied; address the concerns of the Barotse Agreement 1964 by devolving governance and adopt a system of inclusive government; reform the electoral process to ensure that elections are free, fair and credible; ensure that the Electoral Commission is professional and non-partisan; repeal or amend laws that stifle our democracy by the gagging citizens such as the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act and the laws on criminal defamation and the abuse of the Public Order Act;
  2. To address the suffocating danger of high cost of living and make essential commodities such as maize meal, electricity, transport cost, fertilizer and seeds, medicines and education costs affordable to all citizens; adopt a sustainable economic growth policy ensuring a strategy of a developmental state premised on economic growth, increasing the productivity in agro processing and manufacturing and mining; end load shading of electricity by investing in generation including nuclear power generation and modernize the distribution network; restructure our public debt management to ensure that it is sustainable; take control of commanding heights in our economy such as the mines and banks and stop illicit capital flight; re-enact the windfall taxation law and insure that the mineral royalties are not tax deductible; abolish nuisance taxes and generally reduce taxes and ensure that the people have more money to spend in their pockets; stabilize the exchange rate and reduce interest rates; use pension funds and local borrowing to advance our material development and create jobs for our people; undertake extensive public works by using pension funds and other budgetary allocations, invest in trams and railways and other essential public transport as well as in telecommunications and road infrastructure; invest in public housing for our people and insure that citizens are not condemned to live in squalor and shanties as shelter is a human right. give subsidized agro inputs, loans and extension services to our rural farmers; ensure that the FRA food strategic reserve is protected from abuse and professionally managed to ensure food security for our people; support the modernization of agriculture; professionalize the public service, state enterprises and support manufacturers and SMEs as well as providing affordable credit and extension support; support a mixed economy where state enterprises co-exist with the private sector in a social democratic market; enact a law to declare that our Copper, Cobalt, Lithium, precious stones are strategic in which Zambia shall have controlling interest; support the creation of strong workers organizations and mass organizations for students and youth; create jobs to absorb the citizens without jobs in our urban setting and support financially small businesses. The unemployed citizens who live in shanties of our towns face existential challenges and most simply gravitate between suicide and insanity; create productive programs and income generating undertakings for the informal sector.
  3. To Re-unite our country that has been divided by the UPND administration whose policies have been driven by tribalism and nepotism; To regain the legitimacy to rule and end the divisive doctrine of tribalism, nepotism, provincialism, sexism and other bigotry that were first identified by our late President Kenneth Kaunda who feared that the UPND and Mr. Hakainde Hichilema were going to divide the people of Zambia on ethnic lines and misrule the country; end the unrest in society between the UPND party on one hand and the opposition parties and civil society on the other hand which has been growing more acute with the passage of time and inter party violence appears to be inevitable; end regional polarization of our people and inter-party conflict; end the rise of hate speech; unite our country and provide an efficient servant leadership; end the false tradition of making false promises and telling lies to the nation; establish a new leadership to unite Zambia and forge a development pathway to modernization of the country;
  4. To institute a Zero Tolerance policy against Corruption; Gross abuse of power by the UPND administration has resulted in the Public service being demoralized by grand corruption, nepotism, tribalism unprecedented in scale and openness; banish and criminalize tribalism, nepotism, provincialism and adopt a policy where merit is celebrated and unite our country under the One Zambia One Nation ideal; cancel all procurement and appointments based on Tribalism and corruption in government and parastatals and re-introduce a merit system in public service
  5. To professionalize the civil service by re-introducing the merit system in appointments, promotion; re-introduce civil service examinations and ensure the neutrality and professionalism of the public service. We will deepen and spread our democracy; end the weaponizing of the Zambia Police Service and other investigative organizations of the state; ensure the independence of the National Assembly and the House of Chiefs; restructure the Judiciary and guarantee their independence and professionalism as well as guarantee their rights to security of tenure; build a strong and non-partisan peoples defense force.
  6. To reclaim and safeguard Zambia’s sovereignty and independence and re-unite the country based on the doctrines of one Zambia One Nation and Pan-Africanism/Internationalism; re-establish our hard-won reputation as the bastion of African Liberation struggle and leader of Pan Africanism and the Non-Aligned movement and adopt a progressive anti-imperialist and independent foreign policy.



  1. Holding a rally has not solved any one’s food and related survival challenges. It has just bloated the ego of misleaders. No serious agenda or goals to solve our many challenges were tabled at this rally.

    The police should just allow these useless political parties to hold rallies so that the continue labouring under the illusion that they are making progress.

      • Observer yes do you see any solution on the horizon from your fellow PF/ UKWA bag losers? Absolutely nothing the idiots just want power to come and loot government resources again ba idiot aba.

    • That was just the introduction of the program for the calendar year .You Praise singers for the Upnd just wait and hear what will be said in the coming rallies ahead if you will be interested to hear .Iam surprised that you were also listening to what UKA alliance was saying and you had sleepless nights and you just uttered as usual that nothing of substance was said .To you what ever the opposition,say and do is always a no .You are a hard hearted groping of ignorant citizens who have divided Zambia .Shame on you

  2. It’s better to give the praise where it’s due, the people who organized the rally are the CF and not UKA, Lungu and UKA were just invited, so the praise should go to Kalaba and not to Lungu. Mbita Chitala is a man still full of bitterness, he has been in government for many years and failed to resolve the many challenges in shanty compounds he is talking about. Those challenges have not just come in the past two years no, they have existed for many years and Chitala and his colleagues did nothing or failed to resolve them. How can he now push the blame to the current government? Can UPND solve the challenges they failed to solve in over fifty year period? Are they magicians? Unfortunately, they are not.

      • Observer yes truth must be told it is Harry Kalaba’s club and not your defeated Edgar Lungu who organised the rally in Kitwe iwe. Yes truth must be told, Derrick Chitala was in MMD government for 20 years and the now PF idiot failed to address all these challenges. Yes truth must be told UPND leadership can’t solve all challenges that have been in existence for over 50 years in 2 years time. Kutumpa uko to think like that ba Derrick Chitala bako abo iwe!

  3. I wish to appreciate the article by one Doc,but I disagree with him where he talks of tribe,nephoism , regionalism.if I ask the Doc,who is more tribal between governments and practiced regionalism between the two.lets be factal ba pf if you were from the so called Zambezi province you were completely forgotten even wen you qualified for o position.we were removed.only an easterner or a northerner was eligible for positions even en they didn’t meet the minimum qualifications.the current government has employed everyone regardless of tribe or region where one comes from.lets learn to give credit were it’s due.

  4. I strongly disagree on the aspect of trablism and regionalism. Kindly provide statistical evidence to avoid misleading us.
    Further, with regards to economic development strategies let’s come up with pragmatic initiatives speaking to our current challenges as a Nation.
    Such highly theoretical and emotional write ups purely based on hate for one person will takes us nowhere.
    Sir, when this Country was divided by tribe and regional by PF, where were you?
    Allow the Man to finish his course, and we the people will decide for ourselves.
    In the meantime stop inflamming our great nation with your write ups without facts and merit.

    • These days if you attend any departmental meeting in any government/parastatal organisation, the language spoken will not be official language of business.Ask Bob Tondolo.

      • Observe you are a stupid tribal idiot bwana. How possible is it for you PF criminal to know the language used in all meetings through out the country? You are a dangerous tribe idiot bwana. Zambia is for Zambians and certainly not for PF criminals like you alone. Stop talking nonsense coz I won’t spare you. Abash guntrotting and Panga Wielding PF criminals for good.

      • Is that your statistical response to JMN? Ba Observer sometimes its better to keep quiet instead of showing us your low aptitude and instigation to taunt individual. You are always seeking to make intellectual discourse a personal attack. Address the issue and point raised. Otherwise you just show us what a failure the organisation you represent is. Its irrelevant and cant handle that fact.

      • True tribalism and regionalism were worse under the PF. The UPND should try by all means not to go the PF way. For this reason there is nothing of value that HH can get from consulting people like ECL or Mbita Chitala.

    • Observer am around to debunk and denounce PF tribal idiots like you. Zambia is for all of us PF loser iwe. You invite profanity for being dangerously tribal in your submissions. Am ready to bruise any PF tribal idiot engaging in tribalism or regionalism. I submit to you

  5. Which politician would Chitala advise? Advising on what? Look at what he writes, it is full of lies. He can not compare the past and the present how then can he advise? The man is really lost. Everybody has this hatred for HH because of what he is achieving. Only UKWA can take Chitala’s advise. Zambians know the truth you can not cheat them.

      • Observer but the platform is equally not for Derrick Chitala and his fellow PF tribalists. Too much nonsense in your response PF tribalist iwe.

  6. This one should change his name to bita chitala. He’s just too bitter and full of hatred. What tribalism and nepotism and regionalism is he talking about which he did not talk about during the rule of the PF? Who doesn’t know that there were no go areas for some people during their time? Lungu’s cabinet had only three individuals who where not from the famous two regions where the rest members of the cabinet came from? Bita never wrote such an article to condemn the same. To him that was fine. These are the people who find pleasure in hate speech and divisiveness. I doubt he even understands the motto “one Zambia one nation ” in it’s true sense despite having some higher education.

  7. Ba Chitala just sit down and relax. You were a minister together with your late friend Ronald Mpenza in the Chiluba administration and did nothing. What are you telling us? You are a failure otherwise , popularly known as ” Mbala Mafias “. Finshi mwingatweba imwe?” Lekeni HH ateke ninshita yakwe. You guys don’t want to retire why not? Ilyashi lya jamilo telyashi. Can you Chitala with your ukwa bag tell us something new? Every one knows there was a drought and it shall continue for many years to come. Imwee basakala tell us how hydropower generation is sustainable in this climate change scenario? Bupuba ubu. Go back mukulima. Why are you still making noise bashi nono? Let President HH aleteka. And Zambians will Massively vote for HH a visionary leader. Ba Chitala you are waisting your time supporting Lungu a spent force. Have you ever seen a dead man coming back to life? Only Jesus Christ the Son of resurrected. The rest is up to you to chew.

  8. In Zambia we give relevance to failed relics to say things that have no bearing to the future of the youths and next generation.
    If Mbita Chitala had any thing to offer he would hold a significant position. This man was Boardchairman at Zesco when PF had inserted ghostworkers and abused company property/Resources and wants to lecuture who? Some people have no sense of shame.

  9. The late Mr. Sikota Wina (MHSRIEP) classified one cartel as the “Mbala Mafia”. Check the names of the people who were in that cartel.
    Professor Wole Soyinka says it is only in Africa where thieves who messed a country regroup to loot again are cheered on by the youths whose future is being destroyed. This is the story of UKA alias PF in Zambia.

  10. Ba Kabaso, in all fairness, Mr. Ronald Penza made a significant contribution to the economic recovery of our country after the UNIP era. He and Mr. Chiluba laid a firm foundation which made it possible for Mr. Mwanawasa and Mr. Magande to succeed. Mr. Penza is arguably the best Finance Minister Zambia has ever had. By the time Mr. Magande came on the scene, the really tough work had been done and he reaped the benefits.

    As for Mr. Chitala, he is seeking relevance in a fast evolving political landscape. His solutions lack practical application. He blames the UPND for the tribal and regional divisions when the true authors of this practice are his bedfellows, the PF. Zesco was run into the ground under his watch as Chairman of the Board.

    His friend, Dr. Mbikusita Lewanika is rarely heard of because he has taken a backseat and probably has more meaningful things to occupy his time. Ba Mbita, your time is up. You had your opportunity to serve the country. Pass the baton on to the younger generation before you mislead them.


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