President Hakainde Hichilema has said that the corruption crusade currently in motion is not tribal but meant to recover Zambia’s lost assets.

The Head of State said this when he His Royal Highnesses, Chiefs Chikwanda and Mukwikile in Muchinga Province.

And the President has stated that development will finally be trickling down to the rural areas adding that the New Dawn administration will ensure that people get involved in the developmental agenda.

Meanwhile their Royal Highnesses have pledged to work with President Hichilema in fostering unity and development for all.

The President writes below…

Earlier this morning in Muchinga Province, we held a meeting with their Royal Highnesses Chiefs Chikwanda and Mukwikile respectively and discussed a wide range of issues beneficial to the people.

The Chiefs pledged their support to us as a current administration to foster unity and development.

We also informed our traditional leadership that the corruption crusade which is in motion is not tribal but meant to recover all stolen assets and be given back to you, Zambians.

We also informed their Royal Highnesses that once our National budget is rolled out, unprecedented development will start trickling down to the remotest areas and their concerns will be addressed amicably.

People of Muchinga Province voted for us to deliver unity and development and YES, we will do so.

We are on a journey to unite and develop this Country.

May God Bless the good people of Muchinga Province.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia.


  1. Which corruption crusade? As far as I am aware, no one, not even Faith Musonda, has been taken to court for corruption. No one.

  2. Many I’m not very happy because fight against corruption very very slow. Why they dont jail thief like yesterday? Faith Musonda case don’t inspire

  3. Like everyone else say – what corruption crusade , really ? So what happened to ” no stone unturned, no sacred cows etc ? Everyone knew about ACC DEC etc so why were the top bosses not fired immediately? YOU ARE BECOMING THE LAUGHING STOCK OF EVERYONE NOW.
    What about the IG – what has he done so far? What has he said so far ? YES stop road blocks but where are the traffic cops at heavy congestion areas ? Guess they are having tea.
    The cry wolf story is getting abit too much and losing interest in all the talk.


  4. Extremely disappointed too. This betrayal by UPND has left a bitter taste. Essentially saying “crime pays” Don’t force us to forgive looters for the sake of unity. 0/10 on corruption fight so far. Too much talking, not expecting a lot even from the budget. Proper under 5


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