Councillor Hon. Mainda Simataa writes: The LCC Diary of Scandals, PART 2

Mainda Simataa

Councillor Hon. Mainda Simataa writes: The LCC Diary of Scandals, PART 2:

The 5m Mega Theft, Mr. Munthali, and his Unknown Senior Partner in Crime from Finance

1. First off, friendly advice to Daily Mail – always double-check your sources and report facts, not speculations. Here’s a letter below for you that distances Auditors from this theft.

2. The Auditors at LCC are heroes because the nation would never have known about the astonishing levels of theft by public servants, happening at LCC, if it was’nt for their digging.

3. When a city council loses K5 million, an amount that is an equivalent of CDF funds for the entire Lusaka in the previous regime, and they don’t fire the culprit, or report him to ACC, or better still hand him over to C5 kuti aulule, what does that say about such a management?

4. The nation may wish to know that as Councillors we supported the Auditors strong recommendation to management, to the legal department in particular, to report this matter to ACC. But Legal, for reasons best known to themselves, disapproved, and has not acted on that recommendation to date…

Now here is where it gets interesting…

5. Do you know why legal hasn’t acted? Because one of their own, a lawyer, was involved in a K100,000 theft in a filling station deal with Lake Petroleum, where a licensing officer, acting together with others, issued 8 licences for storage of dangerous substances at lower than what it should have costed!

6. Lastly, who is the unknown senior Finance officer at LCC who’s name Mr. Munthali refused to disclose, the one who authorized him to DELETE K5m nkongole owed to the people of Lusaka by Alliance media billboard company?

Where does the Audit trail lead? Did he act alone or in collusion? Just how wide is the cartel at LCC?

More about the Lake Petroleum scandal in Part 3, tomorrow.

Watch the space!


  1. Ba Councillor, Zambia Daily Mail, like most current crop of journalists in the country, do not verify inform. They simply report gossip and hope to sell their paper. It’s sad.


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