DEC Is Incompetent And Should Be Disbanded, Demands Tutwa Ngulube



OPPOSITION Patriotic Front (PF) lawyer, Tutwa Ngulube has warned that the inefficiency and incompetence displayed by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has potentially eroded public confidence in the institution with its back and forth way of operating.

In an interview, Ngulube, a former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament has called for the disbandment of DEC as it has lost its relevance in the country.

He said the institution has not only exposed its incompetence but also its failure to heed to applicable procedures in most of its operations.

“The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has exposed not only its incompetence, but its inefficiencies and irrelevance to the problems that the people have in society. That’s why we want to propose that the failure by the Commission to adhere to the law and also to adhere to the applicable procedures in most of what they are doing, actually shows us that this department is no longer required in Zambia, it should actually be disbanded and made a department of the Zambia Correctional Services,” he said.

Ngulube was reacting to the announcement by DEC that it had lifted the seizure notice issued on a property reportedly registered in the names of former president Edgar Lungu.

He has since advised the Commission to conduct thorough investigations to avoid an embarrassing outcome in future.

Ngulube said it is disappointing that the Commission has now become a danger to the peace enjoyed by Zambians and the Commission itself.

“The Drug Enforcement Commission has become a danger not only to themselves but also to the peace that the people are enjoying. The harrassment of the former head of state by the DEC is a clear manifestation that these people have no work to do.”

He lamented, “the Drug Enforcement Commission has eroded all the public confidence that people had in them such that even if they are to arrest a person people would not respect their decision. DEC being an institution that is not only suppose to conduct a witch hunt should stick within the lane that the law has given them. The DEC has been fighting with Zambia Police over fraud cases, they want to do issues to do with fraud cases, they want to do cases relating to Anti -Corruption Commission, they want to do cases relating to Financial Intelligence Center, this institution has lost its relevance and must be disbanded,” he said.

Recently, the investigative wing seized Crest Lodge in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area suspected to belong to former republican president Edgar Lungu under a law that allows forfeiture of property suspected to be proceeds of crime but was forced to lift the seizure after discovering that the property was registered in other names.


  1. I agree with this Tutwa for once but no need to go over board to castigate DEC. It is sounding personal.
    But DEC should have investigated ownership before attributing the lodge to ECL. However I recall that the lodge was under military guard for a long time. I drive past that lodge as I live in that area. Even I assumed it must belong to Edgar. One day I drove past and the military were no longer there; kachepa had it that Edgar had sold it .
    Money laundering is rife though purchase of real estates, building casinos, car washes etc. It is very difficult to pin these activities that is why DEC must use people who are well acquainted with the 3 ways of money laundering.The PF employed smart ways to siphon money illegally and clean it up through properties and construction.
    Tilipo to be hired even though we are past retirement age. We can help find the money laundering trail.

  2. For the first time, I want to agree with Tutwa!
    DEC has become a Banana Institution that seems to have lost it marbles!
    The have become a mockery to the fight against corruption!
    The appointing authority should have no sacred cows in DEC!
    DEC needs urgent overhaul from the top!

  3. TUTWA, IT IS NOT HARASSMENT OF ECL. YOUR FELLOW LAWYER, THE LEARNED DICKSON JERE SAID “The former President must be investigated first and prima facie case found against him before contemplating to lift immunity. There is no law that stops law enforcement agencies from investigating former President but prosecution” ( SO WHERE IS THE HARASSMENT YOU ARE ALLEGING IF THESE INVESTIGATIONS ARE AIMED AT LIFTING LUNGU’S IMMUNITY?

  4. Ever since this exposed lady Mary chirwa has come to head this institution it has become a laughing stock. Morning they come with a band, afternoon they change even apologize for morning mistakes. Then they repeat the next day. There must be serious changes foe DEC to be effective.

  5. Actually, it is the empty head of the Pig that must be disbanded, it is of no use in the legal fraternity especially being of a drop out.

    There is no one who doesn’t make mistakes, and if the Pig’s stupid demand was to be enforced everytime someone makes a mistake, there will be no one working anywhere anymore.

    Some of these mistakes might later reveal the truth. So ubupuba bwa nkumba tabusakamika. Stupid idiot Pig.


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