Authored By Mupishi Jones

When I tell you that thieves will come and break into your house on Friday, but instead come to break into your house the following Monday, would I have lied to you?

Delayed implementation of some of the UPND promises doesn’t necessarily mean that they were lying unless they are the architectures of the circumstances that led to the delayed implementation.

Secondly, look at the intention, when you look back at the time they were saying these, did they mean each and every word they said? Yes they did, their intentions were pure and unquestionable.Do they still have those intentions even today? Yes! The Republican President and his team have on time without numbers admitted to the challenges facing the country as well as the factors contributing towards delays in fulfilling some of their promises.

Amongst these promises is the issue of mealie meal price.No one can doubt the efforts put in place at the beginning of this farming season.Everything that required government intervention to increase our yield,was put in place.This time even civil servants were geared to contribute.However, draught creeped in and everything went against governments plan.
This again, the government is visibly addressing this maize issue with the seriousness it deserves .
Today we’re talking about winter maize just to ensure that we double yields.
Yes the current government found some maize stocks.The question is where and how did the previous regime acquire that maize? What the previous regime would never tell you is that it used to get that maize on promissory notes,on credit promising to pay farmers on a later date, unfortunately that later date never came until they existed office in 2021 August.This debt was inherited by the current regime and it has since been paid off after selling the maize stocks.

The other remaining teething issue is that of relatively high fuel pump price.The government have explained on main occasions why there seem to be a difference between how the price used to be during the previous regime and how it is today.Previously the government used to add on to the actual market price per every litre citizens purchased to the oil marketing companies.This is called subsidy.
However, the previous government despite committing itself to be paying it’s commitment to these oil marketing companies,it never used to pay.By the time they left government in 2021, the previous regime left a debt of $800m unpaid to these oil marketing companies.The reality is that, had the previous regime won the elections and continued in government,it could have been confronted with not only this debt, but moral issues of losing trustworthiness from these oil marketing companies.We had reached extremely low credibility levels as a country.No one was willing to borrow us anymore and hence those loan defaults as the last painful option.
The price of fuel pump price would have jumped to more than it is today.The current government picked up that $800m debt,sat down with these oil marketing companies, mutually agreed on a payment plan and the government is now paying without accumulating further debt.

That’s how the previous regime used to survive,on credit without any convincing repayment plan,they were operating on borrowed time and funds.

Try to do your own verification research on these issues I’m raising and prove me wrong.

This borrowing without any tangible repayment plan was extended to road construction.A huge debt $18 billion was left unpaid by the previous regime which the current government is paying.

It must be noted that issues of debt, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity are moral issues tied to ones upbringing.

There are some individuals whose habit is not honouring their debts when they fall due even when they have money.Its just an inborn inclination to refuse to take responsibility for their debts.We have such individuals within our communities.This habit is carried along with them in an unfortunate event that they become leaders at whatever level.These are leaders that can plunge their organisations or countries in debt traps.

As I conclude,a leader can only be deemed to be a liar when he is yet to implement his promises if the circumstances that led to the delay in implementing the promises are as a result of his own intentional making.

I submit

Mupishi Jones


  1. Kikikikiki. You are not addressing children. 10 point plan, calculators, visionary leadership, solutions to power deficits, expensive mealie meal in 2021, reduction in energy prices like fuel, awe mwandi. Tuleikalafye ngatatukwete Amano .

  2. The process of giving information which is not factual is a lie, if l promise to Mary a lady in January and come January l do not Mary that person, l would have lied to that person, and worse still even after that period l start accusing nature for my failed fulfillment of my promise and keep changing the date of fulfilment, l would be toying with the truth.
    To be truthful, l should just come out and say l have failed by giving reasons why l have failed instead of insisting that l am still truthfully but keep changing the date of fulfilment with a strait face


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