… didn’t someone urge his followers to say ” nakuchita chikala?”

Emmanuel Chilekwa
15 January 2022

Today let me applaud Diamond TV for doing a rare journalistic and incisive piece of apt and professional analysis of the trending issue ” bika amatako panshi “.

Am not delving into the merits or demerits of the police case, I am focusing on what Diamond TV has brought out for our consumption as the general public.

Why is this commentary professional?

  1. Diamond TV has delved into the archives to buttress the current issue at hand. This is a rare commendable feat by this media house;
  2. The media house has brought to the fore the possible potential outcomes of the current issue, based on the legal precedent cited as in Frsnk Bwalya versus the State in the case if ” Chumbu munshololwa ” defamation case;
  3. Diamond TV has voluntarily advised State institutions prosecuting the case that the legal risk outcome is already set out on record – so it is a law that is likely to be used in this Nakachinda case if it goes to court and the legal determination is likely to draw authority on past court records and determination;
  4. The powers that be have been advised to know and understand the cultural enclaves of Zambia and not take what our forefathers have bequeathed us time immemorial regarding AMAPINDA ne NSOSELO sha Cibemba.

In short, should this matter be taken to court, the battle will be between Culture and political uneasiness as it is not so easy to slap a case against traditional norms, culture and valued idioms.

It is not amusing that Nakachinda was arrested but not charged within 24 hours following his arrest. It is a tricky spot the law enforcement officers are fixed in to find an apt charge that stands past court precedents and that which defeats cultural parables and Proverbs which we have long been using and accepted.

In Bemba, there’s a proverb: PONOPONO – TATEKA CHALO and another one which urges us to take heed of open advice: MUNSHEBWA – AILE NA MAFI KU BUKO .

After all, remember President Hakainde Hichilema once said, urging his followers during campaigns somewhere in the Bemba regions when he urged his followers to take the alleged PF cash bribes ” NAKUCHITA CHIKALA “, as a response to anyone who would offer the voters cash for votes.

The President went on to say he was not insulting (not defaming anyone) but was just using a Bemba idiom which is just a mere statement.

So today, if the PF spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda’s ” bika amatako panshi ” statement is defamatory, it would be interesting to see how current, past and time immemorial cultural statement stand in modern day Zambia.

Nakachinda’s case is a taste of who we are as a cultured people more than how distasteful our cultural parables and proverbs stand.

But, if Diamond TV’s proborno advice or journalistic counsel is not taken seriously, embarrassment is surely on the offing.


  1. Some proverbs are insulting to be used on grown ups, later on the President. Please use wisdom. God tells us to honor those in leadership as He is the one who has put them there.

  2. Please don’t justify wrong doing with stupidity trying to ridicule the weighty circumstances that our forefathers employed these idioms etcetera! Nakachinda’s usage is of bitter disparaging nature and its sheer folly to hail it as advisory in honor of elders! Please do not cheapen amalumbo with political foolishness!


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