By Ruth Dante

As United Party for National Development we hope that former Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, was correctly quoted in a local tabloid alleging that Zambia is now worse than police state’.

However, these remarks have drawn our attention because President Hakainde Hichilema has been consistent and he has demonstrated his commitment to adhering to democratic principles.

Mr Lungu led this country for seven years, in which the rule of law was non-existent in his English vocabularly.

Imagine that, one was standing on an ant-hill and sees the 7th President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, Bally, as he is commonly addressed, and Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Who among the two could be believed of having brought peace which was non-existent during PF brutal regime.

The statement in the tabloid reveals that Mr Lungu is still bruised and he is still hurt that HH is now President of the Republic of Zambia.

Is MR Lungu not the same person who said that, he was going to hand-over power to himself and went further to promise that he was going to arrest President Hakainde Hichilema after winning 2021 elections which he unfortunately lost with a million votes, difference making it the worst loss ever.

Mr Lungu should be careful with what he says, because he is now bringing back memories of his brutal regime, such as the death of a civil servant Nsama – Nsama and Joseph Kaunda who were shot in cold blood and left orphans.

Another incident among many more, under his regime is the death of a 21-year old girl, Mapenzi Chibulo, who was shot in cold blood for supporting President Hichilema a man his party wanted out of politics and never to become a President of this country.

What does Mr Lungu say about that incident, where Police under his administration at High Court shot at a UPND member, who up to-date is living with a bullet in his buttock.

However, we acknowledge Mr Lungu’s concerns but he should know that President Hakainde Hichilema is focused on restructuring the huge debt his administration wrecklessly borrowed, winning back lost investor confidence, creating investment opportunities, creating jobs, reducing high inflation among others

All in all, we can say President Hichilema’s focus and priority now is in re-building the economy and building an inclusive Zambia where all are equal as one.

Mr Lungu as former President, should be cautious with whatever he says as that is now opening wounds of the past.

It is human and paramount to appreciate President Hakainde’s efforts, in creating a more democratic and peaceful environment , where all citizens feel valued, heard and enjoy the benefits of the atmosphere of unity and progress

UPND looks forward to strong collaboration and constructive dialogue that transcends political divides for the collective benefit of Zambia.



  1. If Edga Lungu is in denial that HH is President, that shouldn’t matter. It’s not Edgar Lungu who declares someone as President but the Electoral Commission of Zambia after which the Chief Justice administers the oath of office. Let Edgar Lungu be in denial as long as he wants but don’t lose your sleep over it.


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