Saviour Chishimba

Saviour Chishimba


We, in the UPP, have credible intelligence information that ZESCO, under the administration of economic hitmen, is currently in Siavonga to negotiate the renewal of the contract with CEC.

This saga is a continuation of the many sagas at ZESCO. ZESCO produces electricity at 9 cents per unit and then it sells the same to CEC at 5 cents. CEC supplies the same electricity to the mines at between 12 cents to 16 cents.

We are also fully aware of the blood relationships that some of the key appointees at ZESCO have with the appointing authorities. Zambia is for all Zambians and this country should serve the interests of all Zambians.

We shall be issuing a comprehensive statement as soon as possible.

Saviour Chishimba
United Progressive People (UPP)

#UPP: #Development of #Zambia for #Zambians!

#VOTE for No PAYE; No Sales Tax; No Market & TV levies; No tolls on Public Roads; Land redistribution & decent houses for all Zambians.


  1. Saviour Chishimba is a pariah and a wannabe freedom fighter whose socialist ideas have been proven to be wrong.
    If ZESCO and are selling power at a lower price then the solution is to raise the price and let everyone else sale power at an economic price. CEC is a legitimate business with real assets that they bought with real money whatever your thoughts about privatisation which Chiluba and his MMD carried out….Its a private company entitled to make profit on its operations.
    So this rubbish does not even make sense.
    Now ZESCO is practically insolvent because of PF, a party that looted the country and Zesco and what is required now are solutions not ichongo ichabula na future.


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