Europe migrant crisis: Italy to construct migrant hubs in Albania

Albania's Edi Rama and Italy's Giorgia Meloni announced the plans at a press conference in Rome

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has announced the construction of two centers in Albania to accommodate many illegal migrants.

She shared the plan at a press meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Rome.

Ms Meloni said the places, which will open in the spring, will be able to help 36,000 people each year.

The plan will only affect migrants who are saved by Italian boats out at sea, not those who arrive directly on the shores of Italy.

The migrants will live in certain places while Italy looks into their requests for permission to stay, according to Ms. She also mentioned that pregnant women, children, and vulnerable individuals would not be affected by this plan.

She said that Italy will pay for the buildings and they will be able to house 3,000 people every month. The purpose of the buildings is to quickly process asylum applications and, if needed, send people back to their home countries.

The centres will be constructed at the port of Shengjin and the Gjader area in the northwestern part of Albania. Albania will give security personnel and police officers.

Ms Meloni said that even though Albania is not officially a part of the EU, it is acting in a similar way to a member. She said that she thinks “Albania is basically a European country” and expressed her support for Albania joining the European Union.

Speaking in Italian, Mr. Rama spoke positively about the relationship between his country and Italy. He mentioned that the people and organizations in Italy offered assistance to Albanians in the 1990s when the Communist regime ended.

“Mr Rama said that it’s impossible to pay back this debt. ” “But when Italy asks for help, Albania is willing to respond. ”

Mr Rama said that it is clear to everyone that Italy is currently facing a challenging situation. Geography has brought some problems for Italy, as arriving in Italy means arriving in the European Union (EU). But when it comes to handling these arrivals as the EU, we understand how things work.

“We may not have enough ability to be the only solution, but we have the responsibility to. ” He said that Italy needs help.

Mr Rama said that he and Ms. Meloni talked about the agreement for the migrants center while the Prime Minister of Italy was on vacation in Albania during the summer.

The day after the plans were made known, a spokesperson from the European Commission told the BBC that they know about the “agreement” between the authorities in Italy and Albania, but they haven’t received all the specific information about it yet.

However, it mentioned that Italy still needs to turn the agreement into a legal document. It also stated that it is crucial for any agreement to follow EU and international laws.

It is expected that the Commission will wait until the Italian Parliament approves the plan before making a decision.

Politicians from opposing parties in Italy and Albania have expressed their disapproval of the agreement.

Riccardo Magi, the head of the Italian liberal party +Europa (More Europe), expressed his concerns about the plan, describing it as “scary” and comparing the centers to a “kind of Italian Guantanamo. ”

Mr Magi, who used to be called Twitter, wrote that this agreement is not valid. Italy cannot send people they save at sea to a non-EU country, treating them like objects.

Belind Kellici from Albania’s Democratic Party expressed concerns about the deal not being clear and open.

“Mr Kellici said that what Rama did is like betraying Albania, and it is the worst way to be disloyal to our country. ”

Edi Rama is the person who is against Albanians. He makes lots of young people leave the country every year and brings in illegal immigrants instead.

Andrea Costa, who is the president of a group that helps migrants in Rome called Baobab Experience, said to the BBC that the news of the announcement was unexpected and it shows that the Italian government’s immigration policies are going in the wrong direction.

Mr Costa said the centers could end up being similar to Lampedusa, an Italian island that many people use as an entry point to Europe.

He also talked about the British government’s plan to send many asylum seekers to Rwanda. He said that we don’t know if the centers in Albania will be like Guantanamo, Lampedusa, Rwanda, or a combination of all three places.

Ms Meloni leads the right-wing, nationalist Brothers of Italy party and is well-known for strongly opposing immigration. Since she became Prime Minister, she has declared a series of actions to stop illegal immigration, which includes keeping irregular migrants in detention.

Despite the fact that over 145,000 people who moved from one country to another have arrived in Italy this year, which is 52,000 more than the same time last year.

In April, the Italian ministers declared a state of emergency for six months because there were more migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa.


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