EXPOSED: How PF Leaders Scheme To Make The Country Ungovernable Through Anarchy



PF and their surrogates have devised a well coordinated scheme that they hope will make the country ungovernable under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema. This is according to highly placed sources that have been attending some planning meetings.

Among those in the planning teams are PF Central Committee member Emmanuel Mwamba, Bishop Alick Banda, Brian Hapunda, Brian Mundubile, Antonio Mwanza, and Stephen Kampyongo.

They have also enlisted their friendly forces still serving in key government institutions including in some security wings.

In one of the meetings chaired by Alick Banda, Emmanuel Mwamba is clearly heard saying they have so far studied President Hakainde Hichilema’s soft approach to governance.

“We thought he would come hard on us after losing power. We must take advantage of his soft and inclusive approach. This is a regime we can easily bring down within a few months. Let’s take advantage of the frustrations among their members,” Mwamba, who is at the centre of the whole scheme told the meeting.

In the evening meeting of Thursday 15th September 2022, the team agreed to embarrass President Hakainde Hichilema on his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in the United States of America by heightening issues of homosexuality in the country.

In their planning, they agreed that the stories around homosexuality would be more believable if a religious leader issued a statement. They tasked Bishop Alick Banda to take the lead in attacking government on homosexuality, hence the statement that was issued by Bishop Banda where he linked cases of homosexuality to the New Dawn Government.

Bishop Banda was also tasked to identify other religious leaders who would be enlisted to champion this propaganda. Among those being targeted are Bishop Joshua Banda of Northmead Assembly of God, though the team said he was so far reluctant to join. Also being targeted to join the crusade is Healing Word Ministries Pastor Moses Chiluba. They are also targeting some media houses and radio talk show presenters who should keep bringing toxic topics on their shows.

This is a highly funded and well orchestrated project to make the country ungovernable by sponsoring civil unrest through propaganda, especially that the UPND government is slow to react and they are not explaining to the people the positives they are doing. Dr. Sampa who has since abandoned his superfluous ‘ban alcohol campaign’ has also been enlisted in the scheme.

On the issues of homosexuality, they are are sponsoring and stage-managing homosexual incidents hoping police will make arrests. The aim is to break up relationships with EU, USA so that they cancel the IMF bailout package. When this happens the country will again deepen into economic troubles that will make citizens rise against the government.

Among the main sponsors are corrupt business houses that have been blacklisted by the UPND government on corrupt supply contracts in supply of drugs, fertiliser, hunting licences, and oil.- Zambia Eagle


  1. Why not be prudent enough to gather proper evidence so that all the idiots can rot in jail? This idea of just saying exposed exposed does not help anyone, information like that requires planting someone who can do a good job of collecting evidence so that we do not just end up hearing this and that but locking up imputi shanunka.

  2. What these disgruntled fools are doing is tantamount to high treason. Pick them up and lock them up. A big disgrace to the so called clergy. President Hichilema please stop Christian politics they do not work in Africa

  3. Kubweka, the problem is that HH7 thinks he is being methodical. You cant be methodical with people who hate you to the core and have there people embedend in Government Insititutions. If he continues like this he will find himself out of the Presidency before even completing his five years tenure. If you remember well some PF minions were going round trying to incite the military to revolt against their commander in chief over promotions and renumerations. I have never seen leaders who allow themselves to be stepped on like its being done with the UPND. People have started believing in the lies the opposition is telling them.

    • This is sickening. What is wrong with these PF losers? No matter what their plans are, they shall never succeed. Zambians have woken up and will never bring them back to rule this nation, only in their (PFs) dreams. God look over and protect our country from these satanic people.

  4. I have said it many times here that PF loss in the last election has not dawned on them. They think they are still in the reign and they think the loss was just a fluke they feel they are still ruling. They will do everything possible within their means especially using ill gotten money to destabilize this government. Please UPND wake up and take the bull by its horns. the time you will realize it will be too late to take any action. You see one thing for certain they have the money and they do not know how they can use that money so they will use it on unsuspecting people to cause confusion while they are on the fence watching for any reaction. Enough is enough PF is daring a lot UPND until they stop this I fear worse things will happen. Look, all over a sudden the homosexual cases are on the increase who do they blame – the government. Yesterday Mr Mwamba was saying CORRUPTION ALERT USD 8.3 million to purchase 156 vehicles and to day the same person is saying CORRUPTION ALERT; ALPHA COMMODITIES -$65MILLION to purchase fertilizer to a company that is linked to HH. What does all this mean? To sow seed of discontentment in the public so that they can rise against this government. Please UPND read between the lines all these schemes PF is doing it is not for their own good but to cause “kafwafwa” in the country.

  5. UPND propaganda and frustrations that HH has not arrested PF. Silently anyone with a northern and eastern name in government are being retired. Worse when a contract ends. They are silently replacing them. For most UPND supporters HH should have fired all civil servants and replace them with those who fought for ‘independence’ Those in government and close to the President will suffer the hate.

  6. I put a blame on HH,i wish i did not vote,how on this earth will allow shallow minded people like kampyongo,mwamba and Antonio to even be mentioning his name.what experience did Mwamba got from being president’s spokesman?.
    We voted them out but HH is giving them chance,a lot of chance and we now feel it was a waste of time to even go and vote.



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