Exposing the hypocrisy : Previous ZEMA DGs…all from the East- Musamba Barbrah Chama


Musamba Barbrah Chama

Exposing the hypocrisy : Previous ZEMA DGs…all from the East….

For the first time someone from the Zambezi is in charge you want to make unnecessary noise forgetting you disadvantaged them despite being highly qualified and capable.

Talking as if you ever stood up against PF injustices! Isn’t one of the reasons most of us stopped supporting PF. We couldn’t stomach the orchestrated and deliberate tribalism, segregation and retiring of those from the Zambezi districts in the guise of national interest.

Yes all those that were employed by disadvantaging fellow Zambians must feel the pain too. Infact HH7 is too kind. If I was in that situation would have removed all of you that were employed on the basis of being affiliated to PF. No wonder the civil service is a mess and failing.

Too many cadres especially with deep tribal hatred.


  1. Vegency will take Zambia nowhere.Employ youths with closed eyes which see tribe, Cadres,money but with the mind which acknowleges youths as Zambians, the future of our great nation !From Berlin

  2. It is always a challenge to correct systems that are crafted on one form of segregation or another.

    In our neighborhood, South Africa stands out as an example of how tricky these matters can be. For decades, Apartheid ensured that none whites were not entitled to many positions in the civil service, quasi government and state owned companies.

    At the end of apartheid, the new government made every effort to correct this imbalance occasioned by racist laws. Lo and behold, the first ones to cry foul were the people who all along were beneficiaries of the system that excluded others.

    Accusations of discrimination and employing unqualified Africans, Indians and coloreds became the cry of the new cadre of anti discrimination whites, who a few years ago never saw anything wrong in a system that blatantly favoured them to the exclusion of others.

    Our Zambia of today finds itself in a position created by ECL and the PF, where a lot of unqualified people are holding positions in government, SoE and quasi government organisations. They were employed not on the basis of qualifications, experience and competence, but on tribe and region of origin.

    These people would like to continue enjoying their I’ll acquired privileges and cry Wolf when they are visited.

    • But even today the appointment are based on tribal and this time it is more than in pf despite cheating us that this kind of appointment shall never happen

  3. Is this issue about Brian Mwale losing employment due to political machinations or about the history of the organization Zema? This country will be thrown into turmoil if we let tribal sentiments overtake us. I pray this country doesn’t fall into the devils hands.


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