Faith Musonda


THE ACC has revealed that it was Faith Musonda who requested for the deal which accorded her amnesty in the case where K65, 333, 046 and US$ 57, 900 was discovered at her house in New Kasama.

In a shocking move, ACC failed to institute criminal proceedings against Ms. Musonda on the understanding that she made a full disclosure of the monies in question and that she willingly surrendered the same to the State.

Information has however emerged that the mysterious deal struck between ACC and Ms Musonda implicated UPND who are reported to have also received campaign funding from some Chinese tycoons believed to be the source of the money which was in Ms Musonda’s possession.

ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe dispelled the claims saying that it was not possible because faith requested for the amnesty.

“That is not possible because it was Faith Musonda who requested for that deal. That request actually came from her and not us, we just weighed the Pros and Cons and we thought it would be okay to accept the deal,” Ms Chibwe said.

But according to Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader, Chilufya Tayali the deal was struck because the money was from foreign tycoons who funded both the UPND and PF in the August 12 2021.

Mr Tayali said Ms Musonda was just a transporter of the money and that UPND had its own transporters.

He said after the money which was discovered at Ms Musonda’s house was traced to have come from the same businessmen who sponsored UPND, the State backtracked on the case for fear of being exposed and were forced to grant amnesty to Ms Musonda.

‘’The entities had vested interests and they did not know the direction the election result would go hence them giving the money to both the UPND and PF,’’ he said.

When contacted, PF publicity chairman Raphael Nakacinda said he does not respond to rumours while the UPND could not be reached by press time.

formation provided to the House must be factual. It is a punishable offence for any person to willfully mislead the House,” she said. – News Diggers


  1. The same foreigners who make life of Zambians difficulty are the ones who support political parties.This is y life in BLACK African countries will always remain miserable despite changing political parties.Do those big chunks of money better Zambians’ livelihood ?Who are the beneficiaries of those huge cash donations? What do the donors get in return ?This is y the poor remain always poor!Too sad a reality !!!

  2. The ACC are very incompentent and even corrupt and that is why they had that deal with faith Musonda. They have not done any good job since their inception. That is Mwanawasa created an even more useless Task Force to probe corruption committed under Chiluba. The ACC will in the end just embarrass HH with a no result fight against the much talked about PF corruption.

  3. @max are you serious UPND should issue a formal statement on the hallucinations of the early ejaculation party president and kabwata parliamentary candidate tayali?

  4. Please we all know the real owner of the money was lungu and faith was just keeping it for him as his girlfriend. Prosecuting her would have meant the truth coming out and implicating lungu who enjoys immunity so there was no where this case was going to go. The best thing them was to get the money and release the girlfriend.


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