Former First Lady Esther Lungu summoned to appear before DEC at 11hrs over her own flats



FORMER first lady Esther Lungu has failed to avail herself for questioning after being summoned by DEC saying the summon came at short notice.

Her lawyers have asked for more time and have rescheduled the meeting to next week Tuesday.

This is in connection with the 15 houses seized by DEC which she has claimed ownership.


  1. The Lungus were a mafia criminal syndicate first family ever. He even went to pick his daughter from the US “ati Isa Juno nafipwalala’. Then Tasila goes but Dad, I have friends and a very good job, I can’t just come to stay in state house! Then Edgar went you have been working for over ten years and there’s nothing to show for it. Leave everything and just come. You will be a millionaire within 2 years. You’re going to be one of the richest young people in Africa. Zambians, how did we get here? Mfwiti Mfwiti?? Now everyone should know why he was saying Mfwiti Mfwiti. Investigative wings, put these people behind bars. HH ask for assistance from the British Intelligence, Mossad & FBI to boost and train the joint Investigative wings. That will make the thieves think twice before getting involved in dubious deals. Ba Ester (Amapiling)! Where’s Nawakwi to speak for you?

  2. How come the notice period is short?Her lawyer responded that these flats were hers to a public announcement from DEC that the owner should call upon them with evidence of ownership and how she financed the construction. I hope she will not fall sick on the proposed day. We want justice for her and for the zambian people on how the past first family became filthy rich without winning any lottery within 7 yrs of her husband’s rule.

  3. Your own properties you need enough time to study it???? Something strange with madam I’m appealing.She used to say rape and salaula and Edgar lungu had RAV4 even kambwili can testify.

  4. This is an indication that money for the first ladies – foundation so called went to build buildings and I suspect the 51 housings are for the former plot 1 man.

  5. These guys were unbelievable thieves. It is a story of: “From Rugs to Riches”. Indeed, if a property belongs to you and all evidence is available, what time do you need. Please, let us begin locking these people up, they are taking the investigative wing for a joke!!!


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