Hakainde Is Better Than KBF- Former PF SG Davies Mwila

Davies Mwila


FORMER PF secretary general Davies Mwila has described Zambia Must Prosper leader Kelvin Fube Bwalya as a power-hungry politician who always seeks top positions which he doesn’t deserve.

Commenting on Bwalya’s remarks that he only supported President Hakainde Hichilema in a bid to remove former president Edgar Lungu from office, Mwila said Bwalya only supported the UPND Alliance because he wanted to be Vice-President.

He argued that President Hichilema was better than Bwalya.

“KBF is power hungry, me I can tell you, he is power hungry. He wanted to be secretary general of the party, after that, he wanted to be president of the party in PF. So we know him. Even when he supported President Hakainde Hichilema, of course, he wanted to be vice president. How can you be vice president and you know very well that there are people in there who have worked with Mr Hakainde Hichilema for a long time? Mutale Nalumango, Jack Mwiimbu, all those have been there. Jack Mwiimbu has been there during Mazoka time. You get my point. Gary Nkombo had been there for more than 15 years, and then you come just a few, three months he wants to become vice president in UPND government? It’s not possible, that is not attainable,” he said.

“Me I can tell you, I’m very frank and I don’t want to beat about the bush. KBF is power hungry, he wants bigger positions which he doesn’t deserve. How can you become Vice President when there is Mutale Nalumango, and bene Jack Mwiimbu? Assuming today I decide to go to UPND, then I start demanding that I become a Cabinet Minister, people will just say this guy is not normal. There are big people who have been there in the party, who have suffered with the party. So KBF I can tell you is not going anywhere because where is he going to get people? Yes, he has already gotten one or two people from PF, those who are stranded, who have nowhere to go. But a genuine person can’t follow KBF, because if you look at the two, Hakainde is better than KBF.”

Mwila said Bwalya was not someone to trust, which was why the PF didn’t give him a position.

“He can’t say today that Hakainde is a bad person, he supported President Hichilema, only that Hakainde Hichilema has now known KBF in totality that he is not a man to trust, and that’s a more reason he was not given a position. That’s a more reason even in PF he was not given a position. You think Hakainde Hichilema is not thinking? He knows and we knew KBF, that’s why he was not given a position in UPND. Why was he not given a position?” he asked.

“Those are not the people to trust because they want to be in the alliance because of bigger positions, no! How do you demand that, to be Vice President? That’s a joke. Even Hakainde Hichilema, I blame him. With [Felix] Mutati, what did he do, what did he do? You give Mutati Cabinet Minister, and then you give a smaller position to [Cornelius] Mweetwa? Mweetwa has been there. Those are the mistakes politicians make. He (KBF) was a traitor at that time, and we have forgotten about him. He betrayed PF, he went to UPND alliance and he has been dumped.”

He said Bwalya came into the political arena with bitterness against President Hichilema.

“The reason why that political party has been formed, the first statement he made immediately he was launching that political party, he said I have come to fix the fixer. In short, he has not come to solve problems of our forms, he has come to fix Hakainde Hichilema, which is a very wrong agenda. From the word go, it is a wrong agenda because he is coming in the political arena as a bitter person. A bitter person against Hakainde Hichilema. Those are not the politics that we want. The Zambian people want people who can solve their problems, who can improve or change their living standards, not people who are coming to fix their friends,” said Mwila.

“Me I know KBF, I was secretary general for the party, and I know him better. So if his agenda is to fix Hakainde Hichilema, that will not work. His agenda is to come to fix the problems of our people, to change the living standards of our people. That’s the agenda the Zambian people want. Not personal vendetta, no! If you look at the way he is debating even when he is on radio, you will see that this is a bitter person because he was not given a position. If he was given a position, was he going to resign from UPND, or the alliance? The answer is no, he was not going to resign. But because he was not given a position, that’s why he left.”

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  1. Mr. Mwila congratulations for good analysis. You seem to know KBF better than he knows himself. He is truly a power hungry person. How do you form a party to fix an individual? Even his followers are in shock. You also mentioned Mutati who left his followers in dust that why his party secretary general left because Mulusa saw that he was left in dust while Mutati was enjoying as a minister.

  2. A logical and sensible argument. well articulated. You have demonstrated leadership qualities by putting the entire country first instead of personal agenda’s. Well done. This is a fair analysis.


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