By Michael Nyumbu

Zambia Corruption Prevention Watchdog Executive Director Jonathan Muchindu has alleged that President Hakainde Hichilema is still hurting from the abuse experienced under the hands of the previous regime.

Reacting to the end of year press conference held by the Head of State on Friday, Muchindu says he strongly believes that it is evident from how Hichilema talks about the abuse at every press conference, which shows that he is still hurting.

Muchindu says it would appear as though the President is just looking for a chance to revenge on those who wronged him.

He says it is high time the Head of State removed the Previous regime from his mind and the wrongs they did to him.

Muchindu added that this is time for delivering campaign promises and not talking about the past.

During his end of year Press Conference, President Hichilema said it is unfair to accuse him of abusing state machinery by arresting opposition political party members saying unlike the previous Government, he believes in the rule of law.

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  1. HH is doing more than those imbeciles from the previous regime.

    There are people who, even if HH keeps promises, will always find fault with him.

    Please continue. You are indirectly campaigning for him.

  2. Mr muchindu, I suppose you see and hear the noise and diring coming from former ruling part’s team towards hh even disregarding his good will towards trying to reconcile and unit the nation including those that abused him. So pf and those that support it, hh should not remind them but instead tolerate the stupidity. Infact hh needs to wake from his longer slumber and comfort cause pf has its people in all institutions who ll work against him in 2026 and the where they are getting the carriage from.

  3. Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing, those are the words Jesus Christ said to those who were persecuting him although he was doing good to them . These are the same people who are persecuting the president even when he is busy working hard for our country , they can’t see good out of the works the president is doing for our beloved country.


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