HH needs not to be a wimp – Nakacinda

By Walusungu Lundu

RAPHAEL Nakacinda has advised Hakainde Hichilema not to be a wimp.

The PF information and publicity chairman said President Hakainde Hichilema is supposed to have a thick skin because the job of politicians is to speak on behalf of the people.

He insinuated President Hichilema would not reach 2026 if he is so sensitive whenever politicians open their mouths.

Nakacinda said this upon arrival at Zambia Police Headquarters in Lusaka where he appeared for questioning.

After roughly two hours of being interrogated, Nakacinda was taken to Woodlands Police Station where he was detained awaiting to be charged for defaming the President.

“Now you see, I can only say also that Mr Hakainde Hichilema needs not to be wimp. The President is not supposed to be a wimp. He is supposed to have a thick skin because the job of politicians is to speak on behalf of the people. So if he is so sensitive whenever we open our mouth he loses it, then he is not going to govern. He may not reach 2026 because of his level of sensitivity to whatever is being said by his political opponents,” he said. “We told ourselves that for the next five years every time we engage politically the next thing is to go into the [police] cells. So I have come with a face towel, soap and a toothbrush just getting ready for the exercise. And you know I have to work with the sleepers. You know my colleague (Lusambo) went in the other day and came out today. We will continue to go in and go out. And the only thing that Mr Hichilema must be advised is that there is a limit to which you can intimidate using law enforcement agencies…even he himself boasts that he has been in cells for 15 times. We are ready to go 100 times for the sake of the Zambian people.”

Prior to being taken to Woodlands Police Station, Nakacinda said he didn’t know why he was being summoned.

He said “as far as I am concerned, zooming with the binoculars, I know that Mr Hakainde Hichilema is not sleeping over Kabwata”.

Nakacinda said he suspected that he was being summoned over his figure of speech.

He charged that the police are being used as a tool to intimidate political opponents.

“First of all we don’t know why we have been summoned here. We only suspect that it’s the figure of speech that seemingly the UPND have been complaining about. If there anything else we will learn when we get to the…but as far as I am concerned, zooming with the binoculars, I know that Mr Hakainde Hichilema is not sleeping over Kabwata [parliamentary by-election,” said Nakacinda. “And being campaign manager, the pressure that they are feeling in Kabwata that caused them to instigate the cancellation of an election…They are trying to find a formula which they can try and manipulate the process through intimidation or indeed any other approach. So the police unfortunately have continued to fall victim as the tools they are trying to use to intimidate us. So we are ready to face whatever it is that Mr Hakainde has orchestrated this morning and we hope and pray that the police will be professional in their conduct. As far as we are concerned, we know that this ploy is basically about intimidation.”


  1. Only a few questionable Zambians appreciate your crusade of deliberately seeking police attention.
    Cheap old political tactic used to gain political mileage but in Nakachinda’s case , it’s attracting NEGATIVE vibes .

  2. Nakachinda is the type of person who has never appreciated peace in his life. He has been an instigator of trouble in the MMD for along time. After he failed because the law did not support him he was now a fully fledged PF fellow. Even in PF he wants to enjoy instigating trouble and confusion. As far as the New dawn government is concerned he will have to blame himself because it is a government of Laws. Mess yourself up by demeaning the President, you go in and in again depending on how many times you want. Blame yourselves. The police are happy now that they are working professionally.

  3. I feel for the pf. Rebranding with such leaders theliz no. No remorse or being humble. Look at the top leadership leading them, mmm awe sure.

  4. He who goes out looking for trouble will definitely find it. So never mind a foolish man in his foolish activities, the wisdom teacher says this individual will not rest until his stupidity causes him punishment.

    This must be a disease of fools. So what can we do but allow the inevitable to happen. Let him create the round circle of imprisonment and court sentencing. He enjoys it. Any one world knows all this arrogance is nonsense and simply don’t care about such petty actions. So deal with this young man. He needs some lessons in obedience of the law.


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