Fred M'membe


Mr. President Hakainde Hichilema,

We would like to remind you sir that the step you have taken on AFRICOM is retrogressive and has the potential to diplomatically isolate Zambia in the region, as well as endanger the security of our people in the medium and long term. Zambia and our defence forces MUST NOT be used to:

– Maintain United States’ imperialist economic and political access and influence,
– Serve as battleground to counter threats to the United States that emanate from Africa,
– Counter narratives from China and Russia. These two countries are not our enemies. If anything, they have been on our side when our continental liberation required support and also when Zambian security was at stake.
– Play a role in AFRICOM’s double-edged sword of humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and other responses.

We therefore sincerely request you to:

  1. Rethink and cancel the agreement that has been signed. It cannot be in the interest of the Zambian and African masses.
  2. Make the signed agreement available to the Zambian public so people can make an informed judgement about what it entails.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Even after 10 years Mmembe will still be talking of the same thing. This Africom thing will forever be Mmembe’s song morning ,day and night! How irritating.

  2. Mr Mmembe,
    I had A lot of respect for you, but for some reason you have become an idiot, following the PF narrative.
    You are a highly gifted intelligent man, stop this nonsense of yours.

  3. He is just making noise. Vp cleared it but he refuses to listen to Authority. He lacks the ability to understand. How is he going to be president when he lacks the brains to assimilate straight forward issues.

  4. Mmembe were you in a coma and have just woken up? We are long past this africom thing and you are still stuck in a timewarp. Please try to keep up with times otherwise you will lag behind even during elections.


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