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….says HH is a full-blown dictator and a sadist who thrives on people’s misery…

Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon. Raphael Nakacinda has described President Hakainde Hichilema as a sadist who relishes in the agony of others .

Nakacinda said real leadership rejoices in the happiness of others and that Zambia’s 7th President was the exact opposite of what true leadership stands for because instead of being empathetic to the plight of others , he enjoyed seeing people suffer.

Nakacinda said the curious case of Petauke Lawmaker, Hon. JJ Banda had exposed President Hichilema as a man incapable of empathy.

Nakacinda said this on Hot FMs, the hot seat, where he featured this morning

He said Zambians had now woken up to the reality of a full-blown dictator in State House with the intention of killing Zambia’s democracy in cold blood.

He said the 3 years of President Hichilema in State House constituted of the President heaping self praise on himself in the typical manner of those that a narcissist. He said President Hichilema had failed to fulfil even just one of his campaign promises yet spent all his time heaping praises on himself on zero delivery.

He stated that the peaceful and democratic credentials that Zambia had boasted over the years had now been put to the ultimate test and would be lost under President Hichilema.

Nakacinda bemoaned that the rule of law that President Hichilema went boasting about was selective and only favoured the people from his political party, whereas the rest of the citizens, especially those in opposition suffered injustice .

” The sooner we accept that we have in state House a scared full-blown dictator with no capacity to contribute to the flourishing of democracy in this nation, the better for us.” He said

“I challenge President Hichilema to call for the reopening of the case that took place in 2012, where Mwaliteta beat up Garry Nkombo . I challenge President Hichilema to seriously look into the case of murdered Jackson Kungo . For President Hichilema to put his focus on the case of JJ Banda, which was concluded in 2016, is rather regrettable,” he said .



  1. Comedians have really been unleashed in Zambia. One says the president is a dictator and yet he is freely criticising the same president on a free private media platform. What a paradox.

  2. Only us, the voters, have the right to decide who is worthy to occupy the office of President of Zambia. And in August 2021, we decided that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema was worthy to occupy the office of President of Zambia and by the same token, we decided Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu was NOT worthy to occupy the office of President of Zambia.

    Hard as it may be for you Mr. Nakachinda, you have to wait until August 2026 for us to pass our verdict on the MATTER again. As things stand, we are likely to retain Mr. Hichilema as President of Zambia.

  3. Most Zambians are now drunk with freedom of speech which they are using to attack the very person who has given them. In the previous regime, could you say such things against the humble one and remain free? Never. Things have really changed in Zambia, we have never seen such freedom before. Thank you Bally.

  4. JMC, 2021 was the year the citizens wanted change imagine would the Zambezi region made HH the president? The answer is a big No.
    people from all walks of life came together to give HH a mandate to occupy the highest office of our country.
    Today the same people who voted in numbers to make sure HH is our leader are actually more delusional than ever and if they were to be allowed to speak without facing the brutality of the police. This administration would know what the citizens are feeling. Suppressed emotions are like a dormant volcano

    • Ba Pafwena umwine, yes, Zambians came together to vote the tyrannical PF out. What is unacceptable is that the same people who created the mess we are in and breathed fire on us are in the forefront of whining about everything.

      What democracy or civil rights can PF talk about? I donot agree with opposition being denied rallies, but on the whole things are ten times better than what was obtaining under PF. I shudder to think of what things would be like if this drought situation was during the reign of PF. It would have been a disaster of giant proportions.

      All these PF people do is complain loudly. They never offer alternatives so that I can evaluate how workable they are and whether they have a deep understanding of our challenges. They have no vision or alternatives. All they want is to get back into power and loot some more.

  5. JMC, I read your postings on this platform, you are always sober and non-tribal unlike some very well known Bloggers, their narrative is always either tribal or personal. Similar to the Opposition Politicians, their topics are skewed towards tribe and personal. My view is that we waste our time and energy dividing ourselves as Zambians, Zambian Politicians are in Politics for personal and family financial gain not to serve you. They don’t give a damn about you. You are just a Voter and they exploit you by using Tribe. For me no Politician will make me hate my Bemba, Nyanja, Kaonde, Luvale or Tonga friends IMPOSSIBLE and NEVER

  6. The team you talking about late Jackson Kungo Solwezi people know it better than you. Ask your Notorious PF what happened in Connection with Chihili who was killed by suspected PF in the cold blood and thrown at Mt Meru filling station.
    PF are criminals and no one trust them so is Nakachinda muchindila Lungu


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