By Chanoda Ngwira – Chipata

Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda has appeared before the Chipata MAGISTRATES court where he went for mention and committal to the High Court..

The defense through counsel Kennedy Mambwe raised preliminary issues before the lower could proceed with the mention and committal..

In His submission, Counsel Mambwe said the matters before hand in regards to the charges of Attempted Murder and aggravated Robbery are arising from the same facts as the assault charges which were delt with in 2016 by a competent court and hence the need for a preliminary inquiry.

However the state has objected to this preliminary application stating that neither the court nor the defense have been furnished with the documents of disposition regards the matter. In short the State argues that there is nothing to show that the matters were disposed off..

In response, Defense team argued that the reason they have made this application and ask the Lower Court to have a preliminary inquiry is to establish facts regards disposition in respect of Autrefois aquit.

The court has set, Friday, 27th June for ruling on the same.

In another application, the defense applied to the court to order that Hon Jay Banda due to his health complications he developed while in custody at Chipata Central Police and confirmed by Zambia Police Medical team, be taken to a health facility in order to be attended to by competent medical personel.

However the state objected stating that the court can not rely on a mere statement without proof that indeed the Petauke MP developed a Health condition. They further submitted that the charges before court are serious charges hence the accused ought to remain in Police cells and be attended to whilst there.

The defense in response argued by saying that basically the State is agreeing with their application and that the certainty can only be done by taking the accused to a health facility. And further said the kind of charges before court are irrelevant as someone remains innocent until proven guilty.

The court granted the application by the defense and has since ordered that Hon Jay Banda be taken to Chipata Central hospital for a thorough medical examination.


  1. He can continue feigning illness for all he wants but time to account shall come. Such a barbaric act being placed on innocent journalists is un pardonable. Shame to that compromised PF magistrate who only fined him a paltry K10, 000 and allowed him to walk away with aggravated robbery and attempted murder.

  2. UPND the political party of vengeance and hard stone hearted individuals. Their smiles are like are full of anger, they will never be happy because they will always carry burden of hatred, sadness, anger, narcissistic tendencies because that is ultimately ugliness DNA make up.
    Today, they will come after you, your neighbours will say it’s not me , next time it’s you, next everyone in the name of their quest to hold on to power. They kill anyone standing in their way. Remember what a German said about Hitler , they after the socialist no one said a thing, they came after the capitalist no one said anything because they were not socialists or communists or capitalists, they were after the catholic, no one said anything because they were not Catholics , they we went after the Protestants and no one said a thing because they were not Protestants. They went after the Jews no one said anything still they come after everyone and this is what is happening in Zambia. For those in UPND is the finest country and moments in history of this great nation.
    Zambia is at the tipping point and if not carefully we will start fighting each other because when you suppress your fellow citizens they will one day fight back. No one will enjoy the disturbance or peace. Love one another as much as you love yourself. Disagree on matters of importance and differences views or ideologies but see each other as brothers and sisters. Zambia is a great beautiful country

    • Pafwenamwine very stupid and irrelevant submission. Iwe anakutundira po mukamwa munthu olo kukuniera iwe PF criminal? Stop using your behind in reasoning. Abash guntrotting and Panga Wielding PF criminals for good.

    • Pafwenamwine you are confused most your contributions on this platform are irritating and unreasonable. You have never said anything good about the New Dawn Government your comments are always negative and provocative.

      You are suffering from bitterness and lack of reasoning because Zambia today is much better in terms of upholding of the rule of law, promoting economic prudent management and respecting human rights by also enhancing inclusive governance. It is shameful and retrogressive for people like Pafwenamwine to allege that peace is dwindling and falsely foreseeing escalating of fights and disunity in Zambia. Why should people become concerned when thugs like Jay Jay Banda are brought before Courts of Law to answer charges for crimes they committed under an oppressive regime. Many PF hooligans and criminals committed a lot of atrocities and abuses publicly yet the perpetrators of the crimes and injustices were never arrested or punished. Therefore, It is for this reason the government is following up on all cases PF criminals committed who were not unpunished because they were politically connected to PF leadership. The PF openly embraced criminality, brutality, hooliganism, corruption, thieving, thuggery, tribalism, hate speech and ethnic cleansing. In addition, it is wrong thinking and foolishness to think that UPND government is vengeful and full of bitterness.

  3. This fool has been the centre of criminal activities. He will eventually reveal what they did in the purported abduction… He thought he was clever. Lungu and team just used you.
    With this cold weather, kaya bazungu


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