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Remmy Kangwa was manufactured by divene authority, like any other man -with an ever ravenous but everlasting -affixed on his body- boneless one eyed anaconda which often times than not pines to cross the threshold of a woman’s middle fruit.

This snake on a man doesn’t bite. It is harmless but can cause a woman develop a stranger in her womb whom after 9 months, becomes a dependent.

However, since Remmy is known as a role model in society due to his many charity works, he often hides the desires of his harmless snake in order to live upto what society expects of him. He can’t book a room to allow his snake undertake activities it was manufactured for.

So, his one-eyed boneless anaconda is a lonely creature which is very hungry at the moment. But since this snake is troublesome such that when it wants to cross the threshold of a woman’s fruit, you almost as a man can’t just easily ignore it. It can make you jump on a bus and travel long miles just for it to feel the threshold. It has made many men abandon their families, throw away morals and most importantly, earn a ticket straight to hell.

Uncle Remmy, as he is commonly known found a digital lover to help him please his harmless one-eyed boneless anaconda. And he initially thought it was going to be free.

According to a source in Remmy’s circle, the chick in question who he was talking to on a WhatsApp video is not even Zambian based but it is understood she is a local champion.

Uncle Remmy found her on the Blue App. The very home of fake life and fornicators. He saw her bums, liked all her pictures and then he DM her.

Without wasting time, she lured him into WhatsApp conversations after exchanging cellphone digits.

Apparently, Uncle Remmy has even sent her some money before, which he makes from him being a social media influencer.

She has sent him videos of her middle fruit and the duo have been romantically involved through digital platforms.

So, one day when rains dropped this very month, Uncle Remmy thought of getting in touch with the chick instead of planning how to plant and grow maize so that next year, he doesn’t buy mealie meal.

He immediately asked to start a video call, asking her to go unadorned so that his eyes can catch a glimpse of her middle fruit as he plays with his hands, with his lonely creature the very one-eyed boneless but harmless anaconda.

She did just that. Unknown to Uncle Remmy, the chick was recording him. As he was showing her his gigantic dark-black instrument of power imagining that it was mining inside her middle fruit, the chick was busy counting kwacha in her head which she was sure he would produce at a later stage when she finally hits.

Many have fallen victim to this. Pornorable David Mabumba , the Mwese Patriotic Front MP was once a victim. Even that Vubwi rat eating MP, now known as Vubwison, was also tricked.

When Uncle Remmy was done pleasing himself, he received a demand text: “You have to pay me K50,000 if you don’t want me to circulate this video”

When he downloaded the video, he saw himself doing the unimaginable- abomination for a role model. He tried to bring back all the sweet texts she sent him, all the love language but she was adamant. She gave him 5 days to produce the money and then she blocked him on WhatsApp.

After 5 days, Uncle Remmy could not make the money she was asking for. He was not even at half. This is as if he doesn’t flaunts on social media that he is the most happening.

Uncle Remmy apparently even went to the Meatopia proprietor Mwizukanji to borrow part of the funds but she didn’t have. And she didn’t know the purpose of the funds.

On the 4th day, Uncle Remmy produced a K40,000. She accepted it and said she would not circulate the video when he sends it. She asked him to put it in his FNB Account then send an ewallet to himself then generate a pin, and send it to her. Painful. Oh she is a mafia. She is a cook and smart one. No trace.

After doing exactly what she said and after she withdrew the money, she went mute for almost two weeks. But when Uncle Remmy boasted 5 days ago of recieving a K200,000 payment from Skyline Car Dealers, a company he works for, this ATM chick resurfaced with new demands and with a text : “Actually that K40,000 was too little, you need to add K30,000 so that we close this issue once and for all”

This Uncle Remmy fumed at her, clearly refusing to release any more money.

She didn’t waste time. She just released the video and it went viral.

Uncle Remmy and his friends can downplay this version of the truth if they want. But if they will refute it, let them tell the public their own manufactured truth.

SOURCE: CountryTimes


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