I am not okay today” Serena Williams opens up, sends message to her fans


I am not okay today” Serena Williams opens up, sends message to her fans
American former professional tennis player, Serena Williams has sent a message to her millions of fans as she makes herself vulnerable.
The mother of two, in a post on her Twitter page, now known as X, revealed that she isn’t okay like many assumed.

Sending a message to her millions of fans, she stated that it is acceptable to not be okay as no one is okay every single day.

The former Tennis player, who retired last year, sent encouraging words to her fans stating that she is with those who aren’t doing well as she is hopeful that tomorrow would be better.

“I am not OK today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today I’m with you. There’s always tomorrow. Love you”.
Taking to her comment section, many of her fans dropped encouraging words for her.

One Sharon tweeted, “I hope you feel better lady. You’re absolutely right. It’s ok not to be okay sometimes, and to acknowledge it. But, here’s the thing. Put on some feel-good music and do the running man throughout the house. It just might lift your spirit.

One Dr Dionne Mahaffey tweeted, “Thank you for being open about your feelings. Your honesty is appreciated. Remember to practice self-compassion and reach out to loved ones when you need support. Together, we can get through the challenging moments. Sending you virtual hugs and encouragement.

One Brian J Esposito wrote, “I am with you. Praying for you to be okay as soon as possible and to enjoy this beautiful gift of a day we have been given and your beautiful family

One Karl tweeted, “I think the world is with you on that. A very cruel world right now. Stay blessed

One Ladidai tweeted, “Love you. Hope your day gets better

One Gift tweeted, “Millions need and needed to hear this. God bless you and yours

One Ikhide R Ikheloa tweeted, “This spoke to me. Thank you for those energy-giving words. I have prayed for you, you will be okay! I will be okay also

One BK Avid Sales Maestro tweeted, “Truth. Hope you get back to being okay again soon champ


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