I didn’t have sex with chicken, I just fingered it, Malawi man tells Chipata Court


I didn’t have sex with chicken, I just fingered it, Malawi man tells Chipata Court

THE Chipata Magistrate Court has booked a one way Yango ride to jail for a Malawian man who chose to have sex with a chicken instead of eating it to derive the dietary benefits of the protein-rich bird.

While his compatriots a few kilometers away from Chipata City were battling hunger and devastation brought by the Cyclone Freddy last March, Chibande Phiri based in Chipangali district of Eastern Province chose to do the unthinkable with a chicken.

Upon being found, shirtless Chibande with only Bikilons on his feet stormed out of the chicken run and attempted to bolt from the village but having lost considerable energy after climaxing on the chicken, the Malawian was quickly apprehended and with his flaccid rod, marched to the police where he was charged with Unnatural Offences and Beastiality.

The poor chicken died a few minutes after the rape ordeal.

At trial, owner of the chicken Zandonda Phiri testified that he found his employee, Chibande during the ghost hours of March 21 having sex with one of the birds in the chicken run.

Also testifying against Chibande, Dr Chrisborn Mubamba from the veterinary department who examined the chicken said it died from shock because a blunt object penetrated it and that it also had lacerations.

The veterinary doctor said the findings were collaborating with the report of this matter.

In his defence, Chibande admitted having penetrated the cloaca of the bird although it was not with his 28 year old manhood but only with his finger.

Chibande said his intention was for the bird to die from his fingering so that his boss could tell him to eat and deduct money from his salary since he was craving for some chicken meat but had not been paid his salary.

The Chipata Magistrates Court found Chibande guilty of the offence and committed him to the Higher Court for sentencing.

His stay in jail will not be anything less than 15 years.



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