I didn’t say govt cannot be criticized over the depreciation of the kwacha- Former BOZ governor Christopher Mvunga

Christopher Mvunga

Former Bank of Zambia governor Christopher Mvunga has refuted reports from some sections of the media that he said government cannot be criticized over the depreciation of the kwacha.

Mr. Mvunga says the narrative of the article attributed to him is wrong because at no point did he utter those remarks nor offer an exclusive interview to the carriers of the article.

He has also wondered how sentiments expressed on the 8th of December, during a workshop under the theme “Post 2024 National Budget Analysis and Special Focus on Women Enterprises and Gender Equality” could only be published on the 19th of December, 2023.

He adds that he said ‘do not look at the exchange rate in isolation’ because of some external factors.

Mr. Mvunga says his point was not rightly quoted because he said in order for the kwacha to gain, ‘you need to look at increasing exports and reducing on imports, increasing manufacturing capacity, industrializing the economy and producing enough’.

Mr. Mvunga was reacting to the topic of discussion on “The Headline Feedback” Radio Program on Thursday, December 21, 2023, on JOY FM where a publication by the Lusaka Times, having quoted ZANIS, carried a story with the headline “Don’t Blame Government On Kwacha Fall – Former BOZ Governor Christopher Mvunga”.


  1. I thought this guy is finished by beer, kanshi aka limo and he is still smart. If he just works on the clearance of his name, he can still be useful to this country.


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