By Thomas Ngala

Next when I am executing national duty as a police officer, I am not Cephas, Jefter Phiri tells his fans.

The 23-year-old Mpali Star understands that there are some people who would expect him to be lenient when handling suspects just because they are fans of Cephas, an emotional character he plays in Mpali, Zambia’s arguably biggest drama series.

Having understood that sometimes society fails to differentiate between Constable Phiri and Cephas, the passionate police officer is committed to handling cases based on how the law requires him to handle the matter.

Sharing his experience with regards to being an actor and police officer at the same time, Jefter uses the opportunity of being a movie star and a cop to influence positive change in society.

Commenting on his acting career, the movie star said despite him never wanting to quit, he at some point wanted to ditch the Cephas character but eventually overcame.

“I knew if I was to succeed with the character it will bring a lot to me and hence also change my life. So I allowed criticism from my directors and all the people on set so as to fully deliver,” he shares with Daily Star in an exclusive interview.

“…..the challenges were that most of the instructors would ask why joining police and leaving a very good comfortable life as a film actor but I would tell them that at times it’s not about the money but about what you love and how best you can use your influence to create awareness and bring about change. So with me, I strongly feel my advocacy work with police work they work well, it’s a complete meal for my work.”

Despite becoming a paramilitary police officer, Jefter has not stop playing his role in Mpali as he works as a police officer at night while during the day he goes to do his acting.

Asked for advice to young people, the young actor says “it is never too let to be who you want to be,” he said.

He believes that the biggest gift God has ever blessed everyone with is life adding that so as long as one is alive they have been permitted by God to make their dreams become a reality.

Jefter also believes that company matters if one is to achieve his or her dream adding that above all, the fear of God is vital.

Other than being an actor and a police officer, Jefter is also Child Right’s Activist.

Credit: The Daily Star Zambia


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