Israel declares it will permit two fuel trucks into Gaza each day


Israel will let two trucks with diesel fuel into Gaza every day.

None of the fuel has come into the area yet today, according to the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) speaking to the BBC.

The boss of the agency said yesterday that they might have to stop doing everything because they don’t have enough fuel.

Israel said yes to America’s request to let fuel into the trapped Palestinian area.

The fuel will help the UN provide water and clean toilets, said an official from Israel.

The big trucks will go through the Rafah crossing to give supplies to the people in the southern part of Gaza. The UN will make sure that the supplies don’t end up with Hamas.

Israel’s Kan news agency said that they will be delivering about 60,000 litres of fuel every day.

UNRWA said it needs more than three times this amount. In its newest report, the agency said it needs “160,000 liters of fuel every day for basic humanitarian operations“.

The Israeli official said the fuel was meant to help with water, sewage, and cleaning systems to stop the spread of diseases in the area.

Global groups are very worried about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said they are concerned about how diseases are spreading in Gaza. There is not enough fuel and the Israeli attacks have made it hard for people to get healthcare and keep things clean.

Earlier today, Richard Peeperkorn, a person from the World Health Organization in the Palestinian Territories, said that there are more than 70,000 cases of serious breathing problems and over 44,000 cases of diarrhea. These numbers are much higher than expected.

Gaza needs fuel to run the water plant, provide electricity to homes and hospitals, and for transportation and communication.

It is also very important to get help to the people living in the area. According to information from the Egyptian Red Crescent and UNRWA, no trucks with aid have been able to enter the Gaza Strip for the last three days because there is not enough fuel.

Israel stopped fuel from going into Gaza because they are worried that Hamas might take it and use it for fighting.

Before the recent war, Israel provided most of the electricity for Gaza, and the rest was made by their only power plant, which is now not working.

Israel started fighting back after Hamas attacked on October 7th, killing around 1,200 people and taking more than 230 people hostage. Hamas is considered a terrorist group by many countries including the UK and US.

At least 12,000 people have been killed in the area since Israel started its counterattacks, according to the health ministry in the Palestinian region run by Hamas.


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