Israeli minister describes post-conflict preparations for Gaza


Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has given ideas for how Gaza should be run after the war between Israel and Hamas ends.

He said that Palestinians would have some control over the area, but it would be limited.

Hamas will not be in charge of Gaza anymore, and Israel will have the main control of security.

The fighting in Gaza kept going as the plan was released. Dozens of people were killed in the past day, according to the health ministry run by Hamas.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is coming back to the area this week. He will have discussions with Palestinian officials in the West Bank and leaders in Israel.

He is visiting at a time when there is a lot of tension in the area because a top Hamas leader was killed in Beirut. Many people believe that Israel is responsible for his death. Israel has not said if they were involved or not.

Under Gallant’s plan, Israel would have the main control of security in Gaza.

A group from many different countries would help rebuild the area after it was damaged by Israeli bombing.

Egypt, which is next to the country, would also have a role in the plan, but it is not clear what that role will be.

However, the paper also says that Palestinians would have to take care of the area.

“Mr Gallant said that the people in Gaza are Palestinian, so Palestinian authorities will be in charge. But they must not do anything unfriendly or threatening to Israel. ”

The plan was not talked about much in the meeting with the government officials, and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not said anything about it. The meeting ended in a fight with some ministers getting mad about the names suggested for an investigation into the 7 October attack by Hamas.

There is a lot of disagreement in Israel about what will happen in Gaza after the current situation.

Some conservative members of Mr. Netanyahu’s government want Palestinian citizens to leave Gaza and for Jewish settlements to be rebuilt there. Other countries in the area and some of Israel’s allies think these ideas are extreme and impossible to make happen.

Mr Gallant has some ideas that may be easier to do than others in the government. But the Palestinian leaders will probably not agree with his ideas. They think the people in Gaza should be in charge of their own territory after the war ends.

Mr Netanyahu has not said in public how he thinks Gaza should be ruled.

He thinks the fighting in Gaza could continue for a few more months, with the goal of totally defeating Hamas.

MrGallant explained how the Israeli military plans to continue the war in Gaza.

He said the Israeli army will focus on specific areas in the north of the Gaza Strip and conduct operations like raids, destroying tunnels, and using air and ground attacks.

The Israeli military in the south will keep looking for Hamas leaders and trying to rescue Israeli hostages.

On Thursday, the Israeli military said it attacked parts of Gaza in the north and south, including Gaza City and Khan Younis.

It attacked terrorist buildings and killed people it called militants who tried to set off a bomb near soldiers.

It also said it had killed a high-ranking member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Mamdouh Lolo, in a bombing.

The health department in Gaza, run by Hamas, reported that 125 people died in the last day in the area.

An official from the health department said that 14 people, including nine children, were killed by Israeli air attacks in al-Mawasi, to the west of Khan Younis.

The small town is a “safe space” for Palestinians who have been forced to leave their homes, protected by Israeli forces. The IDF has not said anything about what Hamas has claimed.

“We were asleep when a strike hit the camp where people were sleeping in tents. Most of them were children,” said Jamal Hamad Salah to the news agency Reuters. “We found a body that was thrown 40 meters away from the scene. ”

“Save the Children’s country director for the occupied Palestinian territory, Jason Lee, says that Gaza is not a safe place. ” Places like camps, shelters, schools, hospitals, homes, and places where people should be safe should not be places where there is fighting.

More than 22,400 people have been killed in Gaza since Israel started attacking. This is almost 1% of the 2. 3 million people who live there. Hamas runs the health ministry and provided this information.

Israel started attacking after Hamas gunmen surprised and attacked southern Israel on October 7th. They killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took about 240 people as hostages.


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