By Chambwa Moonga

I’M picking lessons from my imprisonment, Chishimba Kambwili has told Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba.

Kambwili, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) president, was on Wednesday, October 15, 2020 given a 12 months imprisonment.

Kambwili was convicted and sentenced by Lusaka principal resident magistrate David Simusamba.

Kalaba visited Kambwili at Kamwala Remand Correctional Facility today.

He arrived at 15:54 hours and only came out at 16:23 hours.

“He’s from telling me that ‘you know I’m encouraged by people like Nelson Mandela who was jailed for 27 years’. He was saying even people like ba Sata was here and that it’s not the end for him,” Kalaba exclusively shared with The Mast his chat with Kambwili.

“He was telling me that I’m picking lessons from my imprisonment and I agreed with him. He is not broken.”

Kalaba then told The Mast and Diamond TV journalists that it was important for him visit Kambwili.

Democratic Party Leader, Harry Kalaba, this afternoon visited incarcerated NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili in the company of Mrs. Kambwili at Kamwala Remand prison.
In the photo, the two were seen leaving Kamwala prison this afternoon.

“[He has to] understand that we are together in these things. When he is high, we are together with him [and] when is low, we are still together with him,” said Kalaba.

“These are very challenging moments for anybody [and] you don’t wish not even your greatest enemy this.”

Kambwili’s wife, Carol, also visited her husband today at 16:05 hours.

She said: “he is fine.”

“He is strong as ever. It’s heart-breaking for me, the family and the children, because as far as we are concerned he has not done anything wrong. It is just government persecution,” Carol said.

Asked about the message from Kambwili to his followers, Carol said his message to his followers is that they should stay strong and keep the faith.

“We look forward for justice to be served tomorrow, as he goes for bail application,” said Carol.

NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela, who accompanied Carol, said: “a good leader is seen when he is not there.”

“The fact that our president is in prison does not mean that the party has crumbled. His good leadership can be seen now when he is not there and [yet] we are able to stand together,” noted Imboela.


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