It’s time to wake up, unite, and resist Mr. Hichilema’s destruction of our country and our lives – Fred M’membe

Dr Fred M’membe
Dr Fred M’membe


A sitting president must have the self-confidence to want power and to believe that his exercise of it can tilt the country in the right direction.

But he should also have the humility and maturity to recognise on any likely projection of the past that his power will come to an end, probably in about five years, maybe less, only exceptionally more. This is the reality of life and leadership.

And the test of his statesmanship in the context of history will not therefore be how many trees he pulls up by the roots but how he fits into a continuous process of adaptation in which, leadership is combined with sensitivity to national mood.

That said, I warn you that you must not expect work and things to be better under his rule.

In a futile attempt to get single digit inflation, he drained the blood – money – out of the economy, killing effective demand. When many have no money to spend, more will not be able to earn. When they don’t earn, they don’t spend. When they don’t spend work dies – production of goods and services shrinks.

It’s hurting, but he doesn’t want you to complain, to shout and be heard. He wants you to endure all the pain in silence. He is ready to use the police in all sorts of ways to keep you in painful silence. To him, leadership entails, bringing the country and its people under control by all means necessary, including brute force.

But I warn you again that, if you don’t resist, you will be quiet. When the curfew of fear and the gibbet of unemployment, hunger and starvation make you obedient.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema has become more of an Emperor than a president. That power produces arrogance, and when it is toughened by intolerance and flattered, and frowned upon by spineless sycophants, the arrogance corrupts absolutely.

Such arrogance, unless moderated by colleagues who have more humility, experience, understanding, and sensitivity, can turn into a horrendous vice. Unfortunately, Mr Hichilema, as an Emperor, doesn’t have colleagues in his Cabinet with both the courage and the ability to argue with him and moderate his ego, arrogance and intolerance.

Today, Mr Hichilema may posture and pretend to be very strong, visionary and confident. But gigantic problems lie ahead. He doesn’t know where he is headed, and that is very dangerous. Whatever he is doing is a mere shot in the dark – he is just guessing that what he says or does is correct or will yield successful outcomes. It’s a gamble!

So far, Mr Hichilema’s great achievement is directionless emperorship: he appears to be in control, but no one knows where he is heading.

It’s time to wake up, unite, and resist Mr. Hichilema’s destruction of our country and our lives.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Hypocrisy!! The current situation the country is experiencing n was a result of “cleptocracy” by the “panga family “ so let’s not use people to settle personal scores.

  2. Your post newspaper collapsed because you’re headlless chicken. How cann you run a country. Everyday ur talking about hh as if he keeps your kidneys.

  3. Uyu ena Mmembe icapelelekeshako. Unite with who? Are you mad. You think it its just easy to become a President. You’re already late, you were supposed to start politics some way back in 2006 for to be heard country wide

  4. Unite ??to do what??lol against the one person who looks more sane,steady,committed,and who means we’ll.
    Then we put who??a hater like you or shuwa shuwa??lol
    Just chill batata

  5. So speaks the man that has nothing to say to we the Zambian people but promote HH. Fred is president Hichilema s greatest campaigner. The name Hh never misses on his daily utterances. On behalf of his excellency HH I shout out a big AMEN.

  6. A Russian mercenary outfit is looting Africa’s minerals in Central African Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. It’s anything but socialist but Frex M’membe won’t condemn it as long as it’s not the French doing the looting.

  7. Mumbwe is one STUPID IDIOT who thinks being an idiot is a gate way to presidency. Come rain come sun, moon or lightening an idiot like Flat Mumbwe will NEVER be president. Thunder fire him and his stupid future generations. STUPID IDIOT.

  8. It is laughable to hear M’membe calling for unity among Zambians, telling them to wake up, unite and resist Hichilema’s destruction of our country and our lives. May be those people who are saying that this person is not normal could be right, M’membe is now saying anything whether sensible or nonsense as long as it is meant to discredit HH. First and foremost, you cannot call for unity among the same people you have been dividing for a long time, equally people cannot unite and rally behind the same person who has been dividing them. Worse still, he is using the same tool he used to cause the division among the people. It’s just like a lion preaching unity among the animals he eats every day, which animal can believe him? I am sure animals would rather hear from the Zebra than from the lion. It is therefore hard for some people to believe M’membe especially the Bantustans because they are seeing no change in him. Moreover, M’membe cannot find it easy to call for unity now when he has already divided the people through his careless writing just as others also have divided the people through their careless talking. No sane Zambian can believe M’membe now because he is not a genuine person. He just wants people to help him push his political agenda in order for him to carry out his evil motives. He is forgetting that he already wasted time and it’s too late for him to urge people to unite because they already know what kind of a person he is. Whether electronic or print, the Media is there to inform and unite people, and running a newspaper could have been a very good opportunity for him to unite the people and sell himself. But unfortunately for M’membe, he has tirelessly used his newspaper to insult and divide the people. What he is experiencing now is the political boomerang, he threw it to the people and it has now boomeranged back to him.

    Much as he wants us to wake up, unite and resist Hichilema’s destruction of our country and our lives, M’membe has not told us how our country and our lives are being destroyed. Is he telling us that all the Zambians are sleeping and it is only him who is awake, is that really a genuine call? We are not disputing that the cost of living is high but we are not very worried because we know where the money is going. HH is servicing the huge debt which PF left, HH has given most of the money to the constituencies and a lot of clinics, RHCs, Mini Hospitals, staff houses, markets, local courts, bridges and roads have been constructed, free education is in effect, student meal allowances are in effect, Social Cash transfer, FISP, Paying Retirees, has lifted our children from the floor to the desks, debt restructuring, IMF bailout, marketeer boosters, loans, grants, scholarships and many others are being given. Is this what M’membe calls the destruction of our country and our lives by HH? How is M’membe going to improve our lives better than HH if he became the president of this country? What direction is he going to take the country? Those are the things we are interested to hear instead of hallucinating every day. This country was ruled by a self-confessed vision less leader for a good seven years and HH has just ruled for two years and four months. Why is M’membe more worried about HH who has a clear vision for this country than someone who had no vision at all? Is there any grain of truth in whatever M’membe is talking about? Is it not just the usual jealous and hatred he has for HH? Let me say it again, as at now, Bally is the most popular politician in Zambia and there is no amount of propaganda that can change that, may be in 2031 but not now. HH is busy doing and fulfilling what he promised us during the campaigns but you, you are telling us what you will do if elected president, so why should we believe you? What guarantee is there for you to fulfill what you are telling us and when according to you, HH has failed? Zambia is not for experiments, HH is doing fine and so far, he is improving our country and our lives instead of destroying them, come 2026, Bally deserves another term. Mwilabepa abantu, people are awake, they not asleep, they are seeing for themselves what Bally has done and what he is doing. He needs our support instead of our resistance.

  9. If those who get zero results in an election join hands they still will get zero. Flebi menbe, sione lembo, ason danda, mawatwi votes all put together may just be slightly be above 1000

  10. People should remember that Fuledi Mmembe is a convicted Pension and Tax thief. The Post employees cant get their NAPSA partial withdrawals because Fuledi Mmembe wasn’t paying the Pension deductions to NAPSA. Instead he stole the money and bought a Hummer to live in luxury while his employees were struggling!
    Imagine, that was just one small newspaper company. Suppose you give him a country to run? This is one thief that will eat all of your pensions and taxes leaving the whole country in poverty!!
    Wake up Zambians, Abash Fuledi Mmembe, Abash Tax Thief! Abash Mr Calumny Mmembe! Lisholi, Thief Mmembe, Kawalala Mmembe!! To hell with thieves! Abash Homosexual Mmembe!!

  11. Who lied to mmembe that opposition politics is only about talking about HH everyday. I wish he how boring that has become. I just read the heading and don’t bother reading the rest of the writeup because it’s the same everyday HH this HH that. Boring, it’s time mmembe become creative in it’s criticism. Or what about talking about your party manifesto for once


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