Rapper Mwila Musonda whose stage name is Slapdee says he has realized that he made a mistake but fell short of apologizing to his fans in an interview with Radio Phoenix.

Slapdee whose nomination as Best Male Southern Africa in the AFRIMMA awards has been ridiculed by many Zambian who feel its pay back time for the rapper who decided to side with the Patriotic Front in the last general election.

But Slapdee said he really did not have a choice because of contractual obligations saying what he did was ‘necessary’.

The rapper however says he has learnt that politics and the music business don’t mix.

He told radio Phoenix that he his however very excited about the nomination but advised Zambians that if they do not want to vote for him, they should vote for other Zambians nominated by AFRIMMA.

The other artists nominated are Bombshell and Sampa the Great who are in the same category of best Female Rapper.

Source phoenix


  1. Don’t condemn Slapdee for exercising his right to do business with whomever;…same thing lawyers do every day, without condemnation! He was not favouring PF, he was being paid to do a job. And if he was supporting PF at the time, so what?..you have your rights to choose whom to support, why shouldn’t he? Don’t be too judgemental.

  2. The Zambian Jay Z mwamona nomba. Stop composing songs for political parties. Just perform your own material and leave dirty politics to politicians. Problem is youths in this country are too thirsty for money.


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