Jealous Woman Slices Off Lover’s Manh00d in Shocking Act of Revenge


Jealous Woman Cuts Off Lover’s Manhood
How Do Magicians Cut People in Half?

In a horrifying incident of domestic violence, a jealous woman took revenge on her lover by cutting off his manhood.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of September 7, has shocked the local community and raised concerns about the escalating levels of domestic abuse.

The Encounter Turns Tragic
According to a police memo, the victim, identified as Thomas Tasarirenhamo, 43, and the accused, Mercy Nhira, 24, were in a romantic relationship.

They resided in Marondera, where the tragic incident took place.

According to the details provided by the District Victim Friendly Unit (DVFU) in Marondera, the couple had a consensual intimate encounter before the shocking turn of events.

A Calculated Act of Revenge
In the middle of the night, tensions flared when Tasarirenhamo received a phone call from another woman who is reported to be his girlfriend.

Unbeknownst to him, this conversation would trigger a horrifying act of violence.

While Tasarirenhamo was engaged in the conversation, Nhira quietly retrieved a broken mirror from a nearby table and concealed it under the blankets.

A Shocking Act of Violence
As the conversation ended, Nhira cunningly approached Tasarirenhamo, pretending to initiate another intimate encounter.

However, her true intentions were far from amorous.

In a sudden and horrific act, the jealous woman took the hidden broken mirror and used it to sever her lover’s manhood.

Desperate Measures and Report to Authorities
Stunned and in excruciating pain, Tasarirenhamo retrieved his severed organ and placed it in his pocket.

He quickly took Nhira into his vehicle and rushed to the Marondera Rural Police Station to report the shocking assault.

The police promptly arrested Nhira and transferred Tasarirenhamo to Marondera Hospital.

Thereafter, the local hospital transferred the hapless victim to the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for urgent medical attention.

Investigation and Detainment
The police investigation is currently underway, with the Marondera Rural RRB 5568760 case number assigned to the incident. The police memo confirmed the arrest of Mercy Nhira and her detainment at the ZRP Marondera Central DB 1739/23.

Addressing Domestic Violence
Domestic violence and abuse continue to be pressing issues affecting individuals and families nationwide.

This incident is a stark reminder of the extreme consequences of jealousy and unresolved conflicts within relationships.

The local community and advocacy groups are calling for increased awareness, education, and support to address and prevent such acts of violence.


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