John Sangwa wants Zambia to make bye elections expensive

…on MUVI TV appearance in wake of Kabwata saga

16th January 2022

State Counsel John Sangwa, a respected Lusaka lawyer has advised the political parties that are participating in the Kabwata bye election to sue the UPP candidate that pulled out of the poll at the last minute for compensation and damages.

SC Sangwa Says a suit is probably the only way that will deter others like him (Francis Libanda of UPP) in future from making expensive bad decisions’ that inevitably affect others in the race.

“The move by the Kabwata guy (Libanda) was Crazy,” SC Sangwa said, ~if he didn’t like what was going on he should have stayed home and stopped campaigning instead of messing things up for everyone. he must be sued and the rest of the players must claim compensation from him for the fiasco.” Sangwa said its time Zambia started maing wrong doing expensive or else what happened in Kabwata shall recur.


SC Sangwa has implored the ACC to halt any future arrests of suspects before exhausting investigations because it is embarrassing to arrest and detain people you have to later acquit.”

Sangwa described as “traumatic”, and “unjust” arresting and trying someone who is later proven innocent after soiling their names in the public eye.

“l was part of along seven-year corruption trial of President Frederick Chiluba that cost so much but proved nothing except hurting President Chiluba. That should never happen again unless you exhaust your probe and are ready for a conviction. Seven years is traumatic for anyone and it was traumatic for President Chiluba,” said SC Sangwa.

Sangwa advised ACC in future to, “investigate first and arrest later, not the other way round…its crazy and illegal to do that.”

SC Sangwa on Criminal Defamation of Raphael Nakachinda

Sangwa has advised the PF and other members of the Zambian society to petition the house (parliament) and seek an immediate repeal of the criminal defamation law that recently saw former minister Nakachinda detained for allegedly defaming President Hchilema without a charge under 24 hours.

Sangwa Said the unfortunate part currently is that the criminal defamation law remains law and breaking it is illegal, so the best thing is to revisit its repeal, 22 years after himself and partner Robert Simeza tried to have it scrapped but failed after going all the way to the Supreme Court. “The PF as an interested party must take up the matter of criminal defamation and seek its repeal from the books, it’s a bad law but it’s a law until its repealed. Maybe there will be a change of heart from the high court and supreme court after 22 years of our first attempt.”

Source: Muvi TV The Assignment


  1. Mr Know it all! We just need to amend that clause. That guy was sponsored by PF. They have a lot of money hidden in their homes they wouldn’t care less paying the penalty on his behalf. I am sure you know when they wanted to employ the same method for Presidential and parliamentary elections.

  2. This ridiculous suggestion could not have come from Sangwa! Making it expensive to participate in elections would disadvantage or exclude the poor. Surely there are better ways to deal with this withdrawal issue.

      • We get that, but with PF loaded they still wouldn’t care but pay the penalty for someone they want to withdraw. This was not a mistake but a calculated move to circumvent and frustrate the system till they get their required outcome. Even now there’s nothing that can stop them from causing one of the candidates to withdraw. For example, I am sure you still remember the number of by-elections PF induced by buying off the opposition members and then move the all government machinery and BOZ to bribe the entire constituency. How many cadres were made millionaires? When you are dealing with the Devil you need to implement fool proof solutions.

  3. John Sangwa is one of those lawyers who congratulated Edgar Lungu for the 2016 constitutional amendments. As a constitutional lawyer, it behooved Sangwa to read the document in its entirety. It seems he didn’t probably because he found it too boring like the rest of us. Had he read it, Sangwa would hv been a bit more circumspect in his praises for Lungu for presiding over such a flawed document. Why didn’t Sangwa flag the provision that has necessitated cancellation of the Kabwata parliamentary by-election nominations? It’s because he didn’t read the flipping constitution. Now gimme a break, John.

  4. Mr. Lawyer Sangwa, any law that protects a Zambian is a good law. We can not be thinking of removing a law that protects the presidency because anybody to occupy that position would be a Zambian. Who would like to get into a job where any lunatic like Nakachinda and Lusambo could smoke hemp each morning only to insult the President? I am so glad that Sean Tembo has seen the need to do clean politics because i can see that he is on the quieter side these days. I think that he does not want to be grouped with the notorious clique of Kambwili, Nakachinda and Lusambo. This one has a brain miles better than these three.


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