By Maiko Zulu

We changed government for various reasons and one of the reasons was that systems and institutions were seemingly being abused to settle political and personal scores. The process of seeking justice was a preserve for those who were lucky enough to have their day in court.

Has that changed? Kaya.

Going by the alleged case of PF member Mumbi Phiri, one wonders if the systems have since changed for the better or if it was a case of changing players and continuing with the game as usual. Questions can also be asked as to whether our investigative wings are competent enough to independently and conclusively investigate. The same can also be asked on the case of the young mobile booth vendor who was allegedly abducted by unknown people and indeed many other cases where suspects are incarcerated without having their day in Court.

To all those who are victims of delayed justice, we say : Otoki otoki, One Day Freedom!

We are watching from the terraces….



  1. Mr. MZ, are you sure Mumbai Phiri’s justice has been delayed? If the answer is yes, are you sure it is the government that has deliberately delayed it? I don’t seem to agree with you because this case has been explained may be more than any other murder case that is currently pending court appearance. We were told the queue is long because the High Court just sits about four times per year in the Provinces and when MP was arrested, she also joined the queue, meaning that there are many people who were arrested before her and are still waiting for their day in Court. Even you my brother if you were arrested today for the same or similar offense, you won’t be given an express hearing, no, you just have to join everyone and follow the queue. So you can’t blame the government for that, every game has rules. Unless you are saying it was too early to arrest MP, she should have been arrested by the end of September or beginning of October. But unfortunately, the arresting officers don’t know about queues in Courts, they are also just doing their job. You just have to be patient, things are already changing and everyone is seeing, correctional facilities are still full with inmates arrested by pf, so it will take time to decongest them. Objectively I can say, PF delayed people’s justice that is why they are still many in correctional facilities but thank God, the new dawn government is trying to expedite the decongesting process.

  2. This chap also is now intoxicated by Ganja. He is everywhere and nowehere, kalibe Nzeru! This is not a joke, Mumbwe is murder suspect for Lawrence Banda – let that sink into that deranged dagga toxicated useless brains of your Maiko Zulu.
    While Mumbwe Phiri can look forwarad to a fair trial and may even home scott free if acquitted, the Children, wife and relatives of Lawrence Banda continue endurng the pain everyday of losing their loved one at the nads of ruthless politicians including Mumbwe.
    There is no rush where justice is concerned; we have to follow the law whether you like it or not. Be sensible and responsible and listen to Mumbwe narrating her own story.

  3. So ba St Michael, just because she’s pf, she can jump the queue and appear first ahead of others that were incarcerated before her? And you believe justice has been delayed and so it goes denied to her? Don’t follow the idiotic foolishness of other dull politicians please. . . . .


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