Kachasu paid for my education – John Mwenda

He wrote;

In as much as we know that kachasu is illegal, many previous regimes knew there is such act in many compounds, but they didn’t take that inhuman action because they knew that most families are surviving through selling kachasu. A wise government must be able to see both sides of a coin, than appeasing the few individuals that they are proactive meanwhile the people who voted for them (widows) continue to suffer.

I also want to mention that this is the kind business that my mother is doing. She managed to pay for 30% school fees at the University of Zambia through the same kachasu and now am a proud graduate without employment, I have tried to apply to every job openings to no avail. At the moment kachasu has been the source of my income for my family, i never wanted my mother to continue in this trajectory but unemployment begets the act to continue.

The same kachasu is now paying for my younger sister at CHRESO UNIVERSITY were she is doing nursing in her sophomore year.

We know that this is illegal, my advice to this government is to act proactive and at the same time provide alternatives.

This is One Zambia one nation, also the poor should be considered to be part of this great nation.



  1. WHERE DOES THE BADNESS OF KACHASU LIE? BREWING IT? CONSUMING IT? IF BOTH BREWING IT AND CONSUMING IT ARE EVIL ACTS, THEN MONEY WAS RAISED FROM AN EVIL ACT TO SEND CHILDREN TO SCHOOL. IF BREWING IT IS GOOD, CAN CONSUMING IT BE GOOD ALSO?. Am asking these questions because Hon Nkombo’s reaction is clearly based on the view that brewing kachasu is bad. If brewing kachasu is bad then Nkombo’s over-reaction should be partially condemned. If brewing kachasu is good then Nkombo must be totally condemned.

  2. Do you know how many have been turned into , junkies, zombies and many sent to earlier graves because of your illegal kachaso that made a university graduate.
    Kachasu is like brewing demons, once addicted to it, it drags you to your death but not before making behave like a lunatic.
    I don’t support you over this. There is a lot of small business to do than this engaging in this poisonous and demonic drink that is destroying our young men out there.
    You have gone to college at the expense of making your age mate junkies by selling them this poison!!!!

  3. Education is supposed to teach you to have wisdom and appropriately evaluate what is good or bad business. It appears you got the paper but not the content of wisdom which helps change the environment.

    You should elevate your mum who is still selling this illicit brew to do something else you are abusing her for your selfish advancement. Change and use your knowledge to upgrade her don’t be proud that she is still doing the same business.

    This is called abuse.

  4. Kachasu is evil this guy educated by kachasu should see and know the damage caused by this illicit drink. Stop glorifying wrong because it is done by UPND. Next I hope they lock up all the brewers for at least one year.


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